Monday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Finn Battles To Save Chase's Life

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Friday's episode of General Hospital was a tearjerker and spoilers suggest Monday's will be too. A dying Chase wed Willow and then his condition crashed. Finn got the DNA test results he needed, but is it too late to save his brother?

The June 18 episode ended with a bit of a cliffhanger on this front. Chase was in very bad shape as he married Willow, but he worsened further just after the nuptials. General Hospital spoilers hint he may be out of time.

Bringing In The Crash Cart

The General Hospital sneak peek for Monday reveals that Finn will start doing CPR on Chase. He'll holler for someone to call a code blue and get a crash cart, and he's clearly determined to bring Chase back. 

Portia previously told Chase's loved ones that his organs were shutting down. She also suggested he might only have hours to live. Throughout this, Finn was desperately waiting for a new set of DNA results. He expected those to show Gregory was Chase's true biological father. 

A Desperate Race

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Will Finn bring Chase back long enough to get the revised cure dosage, and will it work this time? SheKnows Soaps details that Finn and Elizabeth will work together on Monday to save Chase. 

One potential sign that Elizabeth and Finn's efforts might be successful is a teaser indicating Willow and Michael's dynamic is about to get even more complicated. If Chase lives, they certainly would make Michael and Willow's relationship far more complicated than they anticipated while hiding the truth from Chase.

Fans Have Plenty To Say

Many General Hospital fans have been quite vocal in sharing they do not like this storyline. 

"I hope Chase gets cured but doesn't tell Willow just to punish her," one viewer tweeted.

"Willow needs to grow a backbone and break things off with Chase the second she knows he's gonna live. Otherwise what was the point?" another questioned.

"I guess I'm supposed to feel sorry for Michael and Willow but I only feel sorry Chase because they're making a fool of him," another tweet read. 

Elizabeth Questions Jason

General Hospital spoilers for Monday also reveal that Elizabeth will have a question for Jason. She will ask him what he knows about Peter, although it's not clear yet what she's expecting here. 

At the moment, Elizabeth knows a lot about Peter that Jason doesn't. Most importantly, she knows she and Finn stuffed his dead body into a sub-basement freezer. Even if Chase lives, Liz and Finn still have to deal with that and General Hospital spoilers hint things will get intense.