Carrie Underwood Recharges In Gym Shorts With Garden Flowers


Rebecca Cukier

Carrie Underwood is showing that taking a "step back" to "recharge" is just as important as working up a sweat. The 38-year-old country singer and CALIA by Carrie clothing designer today appeared in a new photo to promote her best-selling brand, one founded in 2015 and already ranking third after Nike and Under Armour at Dick's Sporting Goods in 2016. Earlier today, CALIA shared a photo of its famous CEO in a stunning summer workout look, but Carrie wasn't lunging or squatting. Check it out below.

Time To Recharge


Scroll for the photo. It comes as the "Southbound" singer announces new workout videos for her popular Fit52 app, one that was released alongside her Find You Path diet and exercise book last year and even includes joint workouts with husband Mike Fisher.

The photo showed Carrie outdoors, amid foxgloves and lawns, and admitting the potted flowers around her while in a tight white workout tank and the Swift Shorts from her CALIA range. It was muscles out, but not the famous figure being trained.

Scroll For The Photo

Carrie, who had appeared in the breathable Keyhole Tank in early June for a poolside workout, was seen channeling a little down-time and self-care, looking gorgeous with her hair in a ponytail and both hands clutching some of the flowers surrounding her.

"Take time to step back, recharge and #ChooseYou," CALIA wrote. The hashtag, alongside #FindYourPath backs the clothing line, one this year celebrating its sixth anniversary. Carrie's brand retails over 100 styles online, with an Instagram fanbase especially known for reposting its hashtags. More photos after the snap.

See Her Poolside Workout Below


CALIA largely retails via its website, but it has also experienced success via pop-ups, recently in Nashville, Austin, and Santa Monica, all in partnership with Dick's Sporting Goods.

“It’s all about finding new, fun ways to keep things fresh and definitely, we want to see how things go,” Carrie said via Zoom and from the Nashville pop-up this year.

“We have a great fan base. I feel weird calling it a fan base, but we do get a lot of support from these areas,” she added. Scroll for more photos.

Building An Empire

Underwood, who won American Idol in 2005 and went onto forge a superstar country career, is now building a mogul status via her fitness side. In March 2020, the star's book made waves amid the Fit52 app release, one now available on Android and Apple and seeing early users addicted. Fit52 is based on a deck of 52 cards and the philosophy that not all workouts are perfect, but it's the overall effort that counts.

Carrie now also fronts Body Armour sports beverages.