Hunter Biden Used Ethnic Slur As Cousin Offered Him Women, Text Messages Show

Damir Mujezinovic

Controversial businessman Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden's son, used an ethnic slur in a text conversation with his cousin, as she offered to set him up with various women.

The disturbing conversation apparently took place in 2019.

The text messages, which were uncovered from Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop, show that he maintained correspondence with Caroline Biden -- the daughter of Joe Biden's brother Jim -- who has also had substance abuse issues.

The texts were published Thursday by the British paper Daily Mail and can be read bellow. 


Caroline wrote to Hunter that she could set him up with women named Nicole, Deva, Ella and Lucy, describing them as "quality girls."

"I also have Denise a german," she wrote, noting that Denise is 26 years old.

"No to Lucy I think," Hunter responded.

"Okay so fine," Caroline wrote, asking Hunter if he wanted "foreign or domestic."

"I can't give you f*cking Asian sorry," Caroline said, "I'm not doing it."

"Domesticated foreigner is fine," Hunter wrote.

"I'd give you Isabela but she has kids and an nba ex husband," Carolina said.

"No yellow," Hunter replied.

Caroline Biden

According to the Daily Mail, Caroline Biden was trying to help her cousin get over Hallie, his brother Beau's widow and his lover.

She suggested logging him into Raya, a dating app made for models and rich men. She also tried to set Hunter up with actress Bella Thorne, according to text messages.

Like Hunter, Caroline has had issues with substance abuse and several run-ins with the law. In 2019, for instance, she was arrested for driving under the influence. She allegedly went to rehab for alcohol and Adderall addiction while studying at Georgetown University.

Other Text Messages

Other leaked text messages show that Hunter Biden used the N-word multiple times in private correspondence with his lawyer George Mesires, who is also a white man.

As reported by The Inquisitr, the text messages show that Hunter and Mesires frequently made racially-charged jokes, with the former repeatedly calling his white lawyer the N-word.

Furthermore, photos that included racist language were found on Hunter's laptop.

One of the pictures -- apparently a meme -- showed Joe Biden hugging former President Barack Obama and calling him "my n***a."

Racist Language

Gettyimages | Alex Wong

Reports of Hunter Biden using racist language emerged as the United States Congress seeks to address the ongoing rise in racially-motivated hate crimes.

As NPR reported, President Biden last month signed legislation that addresses hate crimes throughout the coronavirus pandemic, with an emphasis on violence against Asian-Americans.

At an event in the East Room of the White House, Biden thanked Democrats and Republicans in Congress for working together on the bill and said that he remains committed to stopping racist attacks.

"My message to all of those who are hurting is: We see you and the Congress has said, we see you. And we are committed to stop the hatred and the bias," Biden stated.