Man Calls 911 On Drug Dealer Who Didn’t Bring The Weed And Coke He Ordered

Dumb criminal calls 911

Wilmington, NC – When dumb criminals call 911 and accidentally turn themselves in, it never fails to amuse. On Tuesday, a man called the emergency line to lodge an unusual request. He wanted to file a police report on his drug dealer for failing to bring him the marijuana and cocaine he had paid for.

The 911 caller, only identified as “Dave,” said that he had met with his dealer and given him $80 for his drugs. The dealer told Dave that he’d go get the drugs (pro-tip: Never, ever pay until you see the goods) and meet up with him later.

He never showed.

“I’m waiting on this guy to do the right thing,” Dave told the 911 dispatcher.

Dave contended that what the dealer had done was against the law.

“The thing about it is, these boys, they’re running a dope business,” Dave continued.

“And…they’re already dirty. They’re already dirty…[inaudible] but these boys, they’re ripping people off. They’re going around in the street ripping people off. They’re selling drugs, but they’re not even selling drugs. They’re selling fake drugs to people, and they rip ‘em off, you know what I’m saying? And the thing about it is, that’s a criminal offense.”

Not only that, but the dealer’s drugs were hardly up to snuff.

“The thing about it is, you know, I’ve done the drug business with him for a little while,” said Dave. “The thing about it is, he would bring back something that you couldn’t even get high off of, and just take your money.”

Emergency 911 supervisor Dawn Williams said that such calls are a waste of time, and distract from real emergencies.

“It’s unfortunate that you have to sit there and listen to somebody tell you that they’ve lost money because they spent it on the wrong thing, when you could be using your certifications to provide CPR or save a life,” she said.

In North Carolina, it is a crime to abuse the 911 hotline, but this reportedly hasn’t cut down on such phone calls. Williams said that it’s up to the dispatched officer to determine whether a caller has committed a crime, and the fate of “Dave” is currently unknown.

[Image via: Yuri Sheftsoff,]