Kristin Cavallari Challenged Over Bikini Selfie With Young Son

Kristin Cavallari close up

Kristin Cavallari is catching heat over her latest bikini selfie, one that brought the 34-year-old with her eldest son, aged 8. On Tuesday, the Very Cavallari star updated with a vacation photo featuring eldest son Camden, with the pouty shot notably blocking out Camden's face as Cavallari chooses to keep certain aspects of her life private. The shot including a tender mom-and-son moment has now sparked a storm, with fans questioning the point of the image when the face has been hidden. Check it out below.

Keeping Things Private

Kristin Cavallari outdoor sweater selfie

Scroll for the photo. Kristin is a mom to kids Jaxon and Saylor alongside Camden. All three are shared with ex Jay Cutler, with eldest Camden born in 2012, one year before the former couple tied the knot.

The chilled snap showed Kristin kicked back on a poolside and towel-laid lounger. The Uncommon James founder, rocking a super-healthy tan, showed off in a white halterneck bikini top, sending out a kiss-face from under a stylish straw hat and with Camden next to her.

Keep Scrolling For The Snap

Camden, presumably in swim trunks as he was seen without a shirt, had the entirety of his face replaced by a yellow emoji face. All fans saw were the neck below as the MTV face wrote:

"Cam specifically asked for this to be posted. He’s having a good hair day."

The humor, which can go either way for Kristin and was, this month, unappreciated as she joked that "tan lines are in," was sent the thumbs-up by some, but the leading comments have turned things ugly. See how after the selfie.

Fan Backlash

Kristin Cavallari in leather dress
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Gaining likes was a comment shading the blonde, with the fan writing: "He wanted it post because he’s having a good hair day, but then you hide his face and all his hair … makes sense." Echoing the thought, another follower asked: "Well then why not show his face???"

One fan even called the post "dumb" since Camden's face wasn't visible. That said, the new beauty founder did see herself backed as some fans appreciated that not all celebrities choose to broadcast every family moment to the digital space. More photos below.

Backed: 'What's The Problem?'

The blocked-out face, also employed by Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot among others, was totally fine with some fans, though. "She always hides her kids faces. Why do you have a problem with that?" one wrote, adding: "She doesn’t want her kids faces on here. It’s her right as a mom. Look at the rest of her Instagram. You’ll see that."

Kristin introduces herself first as a "momma" on her Instagram, an account followed by 4.1 million. For more from Kristin, check out her account.