Sommer Ray Announces 'Sommer's Camp' With Palm Springs Video

Sommer Ray smiles by greenery
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Sommer Ray is splashing about a pool, dancing in a bodysuit, and offering all-around fun as she announces exciting 2021 plans for "Sommer Camp." The 24-year-old fitness model and social media sensation, fresh from the launch of her IAMRAIS beauty brand, today updated for her 26.6 million Instagram followers with even more news. September will see the Colorado native hosting her own wellness and music festival, one promising plenty of pool fun and workouts, plus DJs and a hotel setting. Check it out below.

Got Her Own Camp

Sommer Ray outdoors with a snake

Scroll for the video. Sommer, who is known to play on her own name and has used "Sommertime Sadness" captions on Instagram, posted a super-upbeat and mash-up video on Wednesday. The blonde was seen in night-time party scenes, but equally enjoying the sunshine from a pool and bikini-clad, with the fitness coming in fast as she delivered poolside squats.

"I'm going to Palm Springs and you're coming with me," Sommer told viewers as she promised a "SURPRISE HEADLINER" and blew kisses amid palm-lined boulevards.

See The Video Below

Showing off her sensational figure and winning smile, the model took to her caption to offer a few more details, writing:

"Okk ok okkkkk guys!!! so in september i’m throwing a wellness/music festival weekend!!! SOMMERS CAMP 😝💛🙏🏼✨ IM SO EXCITED!!! it’s gonna be a long weekend of fitness, lounging by the pool, concerts & FUUUUN 🤪 i can’t wait to meet you guys & party w you guys."

Ray added a "full hotel takeover, djs and musical guests, fitness, fun in the sun" as she encouraged a link in bio sign-up. More photos after the video.

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Sommer Ray in shorts and heels

The announcement comes hot in the heels of the Sommer Ray's Shop founder expanding her business empire. Earlier this month, Sommer introduced fans to IAMRAIS, a beauty brand retailing ingestible gummies, all PETA-approved and vegan. For Ray, what you put "in" is more important than what you put "on" your skin.

"Traditional skin care hasn’t really worked for me. sooo over the last year I created a way to work smarter, not harder for my skin care," she wrote to accompany her announcement. More photos below.

Eat Her Gummies

Even landing herself a Forbes feature as the high-profile launch gathers attention, Sommer added: "It's time for science-backed skin care that’s smart, simple and sustainable. because what you put on your body is a topical solution, but what you put in your body, that is the true solution."

Sommer continues to promote the "booty bands" her clothing and fitness line sells. Sommer Ray's Shop, adored for its innovative Gym to Swim bikinis, is even retailing unisex sweats. For more from Sommer, give her Instagram a follow.