Thursday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Obrecht Questions Jason

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Spoilers for Thursday's episode of General Hospital hint at plenty of action related to Britt and Jason. Now that the two are back in Port Charles, they are trying to figure out how to move forward. It seems they will both get roped into awkward conversations as a result.

During Tuesday's episode of General Hospital, Britt and Jason reconnected after all of the chaos of the past few weeks. They both agreed what happened in Canada wasn't necessarily staying in Canada.

Questions Are Coming

Britt and Jason may have ensured they were on the same page as one another, but now they face questions from others. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps note that Obrecht will be worried about Britt.

Luckily, Obrecht already knows about Britt and Jason. She was pretty tickled in Canada to see her daughter smitten like she was, but she does tend to be protective of her "Britta." General Hospital spoilers reveal Obrecht will work through this in her own way.

Obrecht Corners Jason

The General Hospital preview for Thursday teases that Obrecht will manage to get a moment with Jason alone to talk. She will ask Jason what his intentions are with Britta. 

The sneak peek shows Jason raising his eyes to look at Obrecht as he hears this, and it seems he'll either be somewhat amused or quizzical. He's not typically one to be all that open about his feelings, but he may at least try to reassure Obrecht he has no ill intentions.

Carly Approaches Britt

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Across town, Carly will approach Britt. Will this be about General Hospital or about Jason? Carly spotted Jason and Britt sharing a rather close moment together at the Metro Court, and she's certainly not going to ignore it.

General Hospital spoilers indicate Carly will tell Britt she's worried "it's" going to be a problem for her. This conversation does take place at General Hospital as Britt is working. In addition, it doesn't appear she's necessarily very excited about this conversation with Carly. 

More Questions For Jason

Jason apparently won't just face questions from Obrecht. General Hospital spoilers reveal Carly may take another run at him too. 

Carly has considered Jason her best friend for many years and she can often get him to open up in ways others can't. Will that be the case as she prods him for details about what's happening with Britt? 

General Hospital spoilers signal this could be pretty entertaining for viewers to watch and there seems to be quite a bit more yet to come.