Arie Luyendyk, Jr. & Lauren Burham Shares Baby Update: 'Today Is So Bittersweet'

Stacy Carey

The Bachelor stars Arie Luyendyk, Jr. and Lauren Burnham have welcomed their twin babies, and they have shared quite a few updates with fans. On Tuesday, they both took to Instagram to share some precious moments, although they were definitely bittersweet as well. 

Arie and Lauren welcomed the babies on June 11. The delivery went well, but baby girl was smaller than her brother and needed some NICU support. She was having some trouble breathing, and wasn't quite as strong as her brother.

Lauren And Baby Boy Head Home

On Tuesday, Lauren and her new son were released from the hospital. Unfortunately, the family's new baby girl had to stay in the NICU for a little bit longer. 

"2/3 of my heart right here," Lauren shared via her Instagram stories. She showed a photo of the twins snuggled up together, looking absolutely adorable. In the next slide, she added "today is so bittersweet... we get to leave the hospital..." and added "but little sis has to stay behind for now." 


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Lauren Asks For Prayers

Lauren added a broken heart emoji in her caption and also wrote, "i've never felt heartbreak like this. pls say prayers for our girl." 

Arie and Lauren haven't said much more about their baby girl's condition, and The Bachelor fans are hopeful this is just a small bump in the road before she gains a bit more strength and joins her family at home. In the meantime, little boy is home and settling in quite nicely already by the looks of things. 

Big Sister Alessi Is Thrilled

Arie shared a trio of photos on his Instagram page showing big sister Alessi meeting her baby brother. The Bachelor star noted she already loves her brother "so much," and acknowledged it had been an emotional few days for all of them. Despite their worries for their baby girl, seeing their other two kids together was "cuter than words could describe," Arie noted in his caption.

"Their resemblance... every feature... that's awesome," commented Cody Nickson from Big Brother.

No Names Yet, But Plenty Of Cuteness

Arie and Lauren haven't done a name reveal for the twins yet. It seems likely that they will wait to do that once they have their little girl home and can do a photo shoot with them together. 

The Bachelor fans are swooning over the photos shared so far and Alessi is clearly diving  right into being a loving big sister. For now, fans are sending plenty of prayers and well wishes for baby girl as she builds strength in the NICU.