Salma Hayek Highlights Massive Popcorn Appetite In High Heels

Salma Hayek close up

Salma Hayek yesterday took her movie popcorn right onto the streets, and she was strutting around in platform heels and a sheer print shirt. The 54-year-old actress, seemingly more in demand than ever in 2021, was all sass and honor after attending the premiere of The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard on Monday, with photos of the Mexican showing her both at photo ops and, after the premiere, still gobbling her popcorn. Hayek, this month admitting she's trying to lose weight, is seemingly not depriving herself. Check it out below.

Ate And Left No Crumbs

Salma Hayek crouches for a selfie

Scroll for the photos. Salma's new movie co-stars Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson. Earlier this year, the actress told her 18 million Instagram followers that she's proud to be pulling her own stunts at 54.

Looking youthful and arguably much younger than her years, the MCU face posed for photos on the blue red carpet, stunning the camera in a white midi skirt paired with a sheer-sleeved and polka-dot blouse in black, also going for the monochrome finish in strappy black platform heels.

See The Photos Below

Salma, all smiles and with her signature brown hair down, was then seen in the street and seemingly just about aware that she was being chased by the paparazzi. The star was seen holding a white handbag, but far more visible way the massive bag of popcorn in one hand. In fact, Hayek was busy stuffing some into her mouth as she was snapped.

Tagging the superstar, JustJared wrote: "@salmahayek took her popcorn to-go after attending the UK premiere of her film “The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard” on Monday night." Swipe below for both photos - scroll for more.

Scroll For Her Yoga Pants Dance!

Salma Hayek snacking in a kitchen

Salma, fresh from dancing to 39-year-old singer Britney Spears' "...One More Time" track, has been opening up on her shape, this some months after she said posting bikini snaps are "liberating" to her.

Speaking to InStyle this month, she said: "I've lost very little. You go, 'Whoa, whoa, whoa.' You gain it so fast, but it takes so long to lose it," adding that she's been taking photos from the shoulders up to hide her frame. Well, except when it's bikini time. More after the swimswear.

Tacos And Juicing

It's balance for Salma, who last year made headlines for sharing her Mexican specialty of egg-topped breakfast tacos. The hot dog lover has admitted she has no time to exercise, but she does swear by a good juice cleanse.

"After doing a juice cleanse, I'm motivated to eat healthier and not emotionally. Cleansing is like my meditation. It makes me stop, focus and think about what I'm putting into my body."

Salma did say she feels the need to shed pounds for "what's expected for a woman who people consider good-looking."