Spoilers For Tuesday's 'General Hospital': Nina Faces Questions About 'Mike'

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Tuesday's episode of General Hospital detail that Nina will struggle a bit in her return to Port Charles. She quickly returned to town once Michael offered visitation with Wiley, but she hasn't exactly cut ties with Nixon Falls and "Mike." Spoilers suggest this is going to get even more difficult for Nina and this is surely going to implode soon.

The Twitter sneak peek for Tuesday's General Hospital reveals that Nina will pay Maxie a visit to catch up and lend support.

Nina And Maxie Catch Up

Nina and Maxie are both hiding massive secrets from one another. Maxie is sticking to her version of events regarding what happened with baby Louise, while Nina knows Sonny's alive and hasn't told a soul. 

General Hospital spoilers suggest Maxie and Nina will both avoid letting the other one in on what they are hiding. However, Nina will face a potentially difficult question from Maxie. It seems that Maxie will see "Mike's" name on Nina's phone and ask who he is. 

Nina Will Continue Her Lies

Naturally, Nina will not tell Maxie that "Mike" is really a not-so-dead Sonny. However, it probably will not be that challenging for Nina to tweak the details and convince Maxie Mike is just a guy she met in Nixon Falls.

Maxie may push for additional details, and it seems likely any nervousness she picks up from Nina will be dismissed relatively easily. As for Maxie, she'll continue with the facade that the fake nurse Peter hired stole Louise and is on the run. 

'Mike' Isn't Over Nina

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Back in Nixon Falls, General Hospital spoilers signal that Mike and Phyllis will have a chat. She's enjoyed playing matchmaker between Mike and Nina since the two met, and it seems this discussion will be related to Nina's departure.

Neither Phyllis nor Mike picked up on the fact Nina already knew all about him or was hiding anything. Lenny nudged Mike to surprise Nina in Port Charles, but now he's out of commission for a bit. Will Phyllis pick up where Lenny left off?

Nina's Secret Won't Stay Hidden Forever

How long will Nina continue to hide the truth about Sonny? If "Mike" shows up in Port Charles to surprise her, it's game over. It'd be virtually impossible for him to be in town long without being recognized. 

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central hint at the truth emerging relatively soon. In fact, teasers reveal Nina will pay a significant price for hiding the truth about Sonny. Will she lose Wiley as a result? Fans are anxious to see how this plays out.