'General Hospital' Spoilers: Britt Tells Jason Canada's In The Past

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Stacy Carey

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday's show hint that Britt might put the brakes on the romance she had started with Jason. The two got very close to one another while they were on the run, but they're back in Port Charles now and that makes this connection far more complicated.

The General Hospital preview for the week posted on Twitter revealed that Jason and Britt would meet up at the Metro Court. Now, it seems that reconnection comes during Tuesday's episode.

What Happened Is Over, Britt Suggests

The General Hospital sneak peek for June 15 shows Britt talking to Jason at the bar of the Metro Court. She'll tell him that what happened between them in Canada is in the past now.

It seems likely she'll say this as a way to try to give Jason an easy out of sorts. She will probably assume that now that they are both back in Port Charles, he will regret sleeping with her or at least shift his priorities elsewhere.

Carly Takes Notice

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Britt might try to let Jason go and even attempt to make it seem it's what she wants herself. However, General Hospital spoilers suggest it won't work. The two will touch hands as they talk, and this will not go unnoticed by someone else nearby.

The General Hospital preview shows that Carly will walk into the Metro Court and catch this fairly intimate moment between Britt and Jason. Given how Carly is about Jason, seeing this likely will not go over well with her. 

The Connection's Likely Not Over Yet

Despite what Britt tells Jason at the Metro Court, General Hospital spoilers suggest there is much more to come with these two. SheKnows Soaps details that Britt will reach out to Jason during Wednesday's show, and next week, they'll run into one another at the gym. 

Given that, it seems that Britt and Jason may try to go their separate ways and find themselves drawn back to one another time and again. Trying to be together won't be simple though either.

Jason's Protective 

General Hospital spoilers note that Carly will do her best to get information from Jason later this week. However, he won't be willing to share much. 

This likely means Carly will pump Jason for scoop on what's going on with Britt, and he'll keep the details close to the vest. This will probably drive Carly nuts, given how territorial she tends to be about Jason.

As this pushes forward, General Hospital spoilers signal the bond between Sam and Dante will be growing as well.