Olivia Jade Wears 'Alice In Wonderland Costume' As She Rebuilds Brand

Olivia Jade wearing hair up.
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Olivia Jade Giannulli is putting her college admission scandal behind her and having a blast as she rebuilds her online brand. She's back to posting regularly on Instagram and YouTube, much to her fans' delight. On the former, she recently showed off the cute outfit she wore to a costume party with her friends. And on the latter, she modeled a few pieces that she thinks her fans "need" to have in their closet this summer. 

Olivia, 21, was down and out for a while, but now the her social media following is helping her make bank once again.

Who Cares If It's Not Halloween?

Olivia Jade sticking tongue out
Instagram | Olivia Jade

Olivia could have chosen to step away from the spotlight forever after her mother, Full House star Lori Loughlin, spent time in prison for bribing school officials to get Olivia and her sister Isabella admitted to the University of Southern California. But instead, the influencer has resumed living her life in front of the camera. 

In her latest IG post, Olivia boasted about having a "fun a** friend group" that will dress up in costumes even if it's "not Halloween." Her post included a pic that was seemingly taken during a costume party.

Alice In Influencer Land


Olivia's costume was inspired by the classic children's fairytale Alice in Wonderland. She channeled Alice in a pale blue dress and white pinafore, but the garments were daringly short. She also had on a pair of white over-the-knee stockings adorned with blue bows. 

Olivia added just a touch of grunge flair to her look by sporting black combat boots with super-tall platform soles. They weren't exactly practical for tromping around Wonderland, but they did make her legs look extremely long.

In a follow-up pic, she was joined by her friend Andrew Beyer. He had on a red duster jacket and wore a large clock on a chain around his neck. Maybe he was supposed to be an earless white rabbit?   

Olivia's Summer Must-Haves

In a YouTube video, Olivia dished out some fashion advice for her fans who want to be up-to-date with the hottest summer trends. She showed off a few pieces she procured from White Fox, including a lime green terrycloth set that consisted of a short skirt and crop top. She also modeled a similar bubblegum pink set with a bandeau top. She pointed out that the pieces would be perfect to wear over a swimsuit because they're made out of "the same material as a towel."

Other garments that she raved about included a comfy dress with cut-out sides, a pink scarf top, and a black mesh bodysuit.


Olivia Is Getting Paid To Post More

Olivia had a good reason for continuing to post on social video in the wake of her family's school scandal: the potential for scoring paid partnerships. At the beginning of her YouTube video, she revealed that it was sponsored by the clothing label White Fox, and she stated that she's "grateful" for the company's support

On her Instagram page, fans can also see a paid post for Revice denim that Olivia shared last month. According to Business Insider, she was dropped by big brands like Sephora when the college admission scandal became front page news, but some companies have expressed a willingness to work with her in recent months. 

"Olivia Jade Giannulli's influencer comeback is in full swing," the publication wrote.