Miley Cyrus Sparks Hygiene Comments In Underwear With Iced Coffee

Miley Cyrus is being told she needs a good wash, and it wasn't a particularly savory affair as trolls teased the "Prisoner" singer recently. Miley, 28, and making 2020 headlines for saying she only washed her hair twice in four months over COVID, had the haters hot on her heels last week, with an iced coffee underwear selfie quickly bringing in comments. Miley had updated her Instagram with the platform's adored coffee trend, also showing off her killer figure in underwear. See the hoopla below.

Iced Coffee Vibes

Miley Cyrus home selfie

Scroll for the photo, one shared with the blonde's 134 million followers. Miley, who sparked hygiene comments last year as she delivered her "quarantini bikini" dance with then-boyfriend Cody Simpson, had the haters remarking all over again. 

The photo showed Miley home, amid retro and velour furnishings, and snapping herself in red lace underwear for a matching and revealing look. Also rocking the COVID mullet she's been growing out, the "Midnight Sky" hit-maker held a plastic cup of iced coffee to her lips, writing: "Twacked."

Scroll For The Photo

Miley ensured her famous tattoos and rock-hard abs were on show, also posing with slightly parted lips and a light makeup finish. The Tuesday stories, quickly going viral, were broadcasted by The Daily Mail, where a seemingly-unfriendly fanbase has been shading the former Hannah Montana star.

Over 190 users upvoted a comment reading: "She looks like she needs to take a bath." Another said Cyrus was "looking like she needs a shower."

"She looks like she needs to bathe," a third bluntly wrote. See more photos after the snap.

Washing Hair Twice Over COVID

Miley Cyrus at a laptop indoors

While trolls lashed out and even compared the singer to Rod Stewart, others did back her: "Love seeing all the comments from haters," a user replied, adding: "Every story all they do is hate on women."

In June 2020, and while being profiled by Variety, the Magnum partner had said: "In the past four months I think I’ve washed my hair twice. Once for you and once for Sir Elton John." 

The trolls may be hating, but Miley Cyrus is having the last laugh, this as she lands her latest partnership. See it below.

Magnum Bringing #MileyInLayers

Earlier this month, Cyrus announced her gig with Magnum ice-cream, one already trending as #MileyInLayers circulates. Posing with ice-cream sticks as she promises a unique experience, the singer told fans:

"Everything I touch turns to gold henny! #MileyInLayers, a collaboration with @Magnum ice cream! Put on your headphones. An 8D performance on June 10th is coming! Because Pleasure Has More Than One Layer."

Magnum has, in the past, also partnered with stars including models Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. Miley has also made headlines this month for her turkey twerk clap-back.