Bebe Rexha Shares Bikini Poses Getting 'A Lot Of Likes'

Bebe Rexha smiles close up
Gettyimages | Cindy Ord

Bebe Rexha today had Instagram on her side after she joked about the bikini poses that get "a lot of likes." The 31-year-old pop singer, currently on vacation in Aruba, shared three shots on Saturday, posting for her 10.2 million followers and showcasing everything from her bikini look to one super-swanky resort setting. Bebe, this year releasing her Better Mistakes album, made none as she updated today, and fans very much appeared to appreciate the tongue-in-cheek caption. See why below.

Getting Her 'A Lot Of Likes'

Bebe Rexha outdoors in sweats

Scroll for the photos. The below one kicked things off as the blonde went PRIDE rainbow in a sheer cover-up over her bikini, a look also bringing in wedge high heels, white-rimmed shades, and a colorful headpiece accessory.

Posing on a glam outdoor terrace and backed by palms likely fronting the beach Rexha was eventually seen on, the star sent out her gorgeous figure with a rear-view pose, then switching to a far more intimate set of photos as she sunbathed on a shorefront lounger. 

See The Photos Below!

Bebe Rexha on beach terrace

Bebe's first selfie was on her front as she peeked some cheek in a red patterned bikini and with her face hidden. The view was more friendly in the final shot, with Bebe throwing out the peace sign in her bikini top and stunning fans with her good looks.

"I get a lot of likes when I pose like this I don't know why LOL," she captioned the photos, adding a cry-face emoji.

"Serving body," a fan replied, adding: "And outfit." Another follower joked: "We know why." More snaps below.

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Bebe, this year making headlines for celebrating her body in an unfiltered bikini post as she encouraged others to embrace themselves - just how they are - has been steadily proving one of the celebrity world's biggest advocates for being A-OK with how you are.

In 2020, the star made headlines for shutting down shamers, saying: "Yes I got thighs. Yes I got a-s. But here's what I f-cking look like in my bathing suit," adding: "Here's my body. No filters, okay?" Scroll for more photos.

Don't Mess With Her

The New York native added:  "I got -ss, I got thighs, okay. Not those nasty--ss pictures they posted of me, what the f-ck?"

Also taking a candid moment to reflect on what society deemed an imperfection, the "Meant to Be" singer continued: It's just really hard because I find it hard to love myself sometimes, and like when you see yourself looking like sh-t, it's like, yes I got stretch marks." 

Also celebrating her stretch marks this year (via a bikini post) has been 30-year-old singer and actress Jamie Lynn Spears.