Salma Hayek Makes Mistake Lounging Around Steps In Sundress

Rebecca Cukier

Salma Hayek today took under an hour to see her Instagram followers spotting a major mistake. The 54-year-old actress, whose Instagram following now sits at over 18 million, tends not to get her hashtags wrong, but it was a different story this weekend as the MCU face couldn't quite get the day right. Salma, known for #tbt as she regularly honors Throwback Thursday, had today gone with a #sundayvibes - problem was, the Mexican actually posted on Saturday. See the photo and response below. 

'Sunday Vibes' On Saturday

Scroll for the photo. Salma, now massively in the news for her multiple movie releases, near-fatal COVID reveal, and recently admitting she's been trying to lose weight, posted in the most casual way possible. She was photographed outdoors, celebrating warm summer weather, and seen lounging around backyard steps while flashing her toned legs in a simple white sundress.

Salma stunned fans with her barefoot finish and posing with one hand near her head, then taking to her caption and writing: "Sunday vibes."

Scroll For The Photo

Hayek, who clocked over 70,000 likes in just two hours for her snap, nonetheless now finds comments topped by fans big-time spotting the oops moment. "Mija it's Saturday but it's ok I thought it was Sunday too," one fan replied with a cry-face emoji.

"Don't rush Salma, it's STILL SATURDAY!" another said, echoing the thought. Others, however, seemed way too captivated by the actress' stunning good looks to even notice what she'd said in the caption. Scroll for more photos after the snap. 

Doesn't Apologize For Posts

Salma does not appear - yet- to have picked up on the replies, but fans are likely aware that The Eternals star does not apologize for her Instagram activity. Following a high-profile carousel of swimwear photos over late 2020 and early 2021, Salma said the bikini shots were "liberating," even shutting down trolls as she promised more to come.

"I saved my pictures; I'm not in the same condition today, and I'm spreading the love out like every two weeks," she admitted. "I'm going to put up another one. I’m almost running out of them, but I don't know if you have that feeling, like, 2021!" Scroll for more photos.

Haters Can Hate

The fashionista and Gucci lover, seemingly this year more a bikini lover, added: "People are sick of it, but I'm going to let them take a break," continuing: "They're going to think I'm wearing a bikini every day."

Salma remains in the news for the much-anticipated The Eternals, also starring Angelina Jolie. This year also brings her in The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard, plus Amazon Prime flick Bliss, co-starring Owen Wilson. Hayek will also star in House of Gucci alongside Lady Gaga and Al Pacino.