Monday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Chase Has A Request For Finn

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Stacy Carey

Viewers will be anxious to check out Monday's episode of General Hospital, as spoilers suggest Chase may give up on recovering. Finn admitted the failed treatment was the best shot at curing Chase, and now they're both feeling thoroughly deflated. 

During Friday's show, Chase took in what Finn told him and shared heartfelt moments with Jackie and Gregory. Then, he opened up to Willow about his great love for her and surprised her with something he had wanted to do long before.

A Stunning Proposal

Chase proposed to Willow, a move that unfortunately she did not see coming. He told her that he believed he had very little time left and he knew it was unfair to ask her to marry him under these circumstances. However, he had realized he wanted his last days to be spent with Willow as his wife. 

Willow accepted Chase's proposal, creating an even bigger mess for herself. Jackie and Gregory came back in and everybody shared hugs over the engagement news. 


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Chase Has An Ask For Finn

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The General Hospital preview for Monday shares that Finn and Chase will have another chat. Whatever Finn tries to say or do, seemingly trying to lift Chase's spirits, he won't get very far.  "I know what you're doing, and I'm asking you to stop," Chase tells Finn.

It seems likely that Finn will be trying to convince Chase he'll come up with another cure or something like that. Chase, however, seems to want to acknowledge the reality of how devastating the situation is.

Finn's Not Done Trying Yet

Even though Finn feels he's tried everything he can, General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicate he will keep trying. During the June 16 episode, Finn will come up with a new idea. Will this one be the one that can save Chase? 

General Hospital fans are quite certain that curing Chase relies on someone in the family realizing that the DNA test they did was manipulated. Viewers have been anticipating for a while that it would turn out Gregory is Chase's biological father after all.

Willow Asks Brook Lynn For Help

As Chase faces the possibility he may not have much time left, General Hospital spoilers signal Willow will prepare to be a bride. During Monday's show, she'll talk with Brook Lynn, who will be willing to help however she can. 

Apparently, not everybody will be immediately pleased with Willow's plans though. Sasha will question Willow's motives, but by the end of the week, Sasha and Jackie will be by Willow's side. It certainly seems that accepting this proposal  essentially guarantees Chase will recover and learn of her deception.