Fans React To Rebel Wilson's Extraordinary Weight-Loss Secret

Rebecca Cukier

Rebel Wilson this week revealed the secret behind her 70-pound weight loss, and fans think it's the most refreshing thing they've heard in a while. Rebel, 41, made 2020 headlines for vowing to make it her "year of health", with 2021 making even bigger ones as the Australian actress went viral with her Florida swimsuit photos. Speaking to Shape ahead of the weekend, Rebel revealed what she feels contributed the most to her massive slim-down, and it wasn't diet bars or grueling workouts. Check it out below.

When Less Is More

Scroll for more photos, including the swimsuit snap. Rebel, whose diet was a "mindful" one as she lost the weight, talked exercise, revealing that high-powered physical activity wasn't the key to shedding the pounds.

"While there I learned that moderate — not even fast paced — walking is the best way for me to lose unnecessary body fat."

"While there I learned that moderate — not even fast paced — walking is the best way for me to lose unnecessary body fat."

Rebel, who listens to podcasts as she walks, has already touted the simplest form of exercise known to man, one that costs nothing. More photos below.

Her Extra Tip

Wilson also shared that she vows by Olly gummy vitamins - alongside sitcom star Kaley Cuoco, the blonde fronts the rising brand. 

"The thing is, I'm not good at swallowing pills. It would take me 30 minutes. Then I found Olly gummies at Whole Foods. They've revolutionized vitamins for me. I chew them in two seconds," she continued, stating that she takes the "Olly Prenatal or Women's Multi in the morning. At night I like Heavenly Hair, Undeniable Beauty, and Sleep, which has melatonin."

Fans React

Seemingly cheered on by a celebrity not mentioning $500-an-hour trainers or high-cost gym equipment, fans have been reacting to Rebel's reveal. Over 3,000 users liked a comment reading: "Good for her. She looks a lot healthier than she did a few years ago."

"Nice to see someone who is honest and realistic about how and why she lost it. A good role model. Let's hope she keeps it off," another said. Wilson, who has admitted to turning to chocolate during tricky moments, has stated her journey to be just this - not a race. More photos below.

'Good For Her'

One user replied: "Good for her. Walking not only helps you shed pounds, it helps your overall fitness. Exercise releases good endorphins."

Rebel's good mood is now all over her Instagram as she jets out from London to Florida, even posing right on beaches and making major headlines for rocking a sleek black swimsuit. Rebel is now also making style headlines for the private jet travels taking her Stateside, going all-black with a YSL purse and pulling off a bit of a Kardashian vibe - minus the famous family's high-cost gym routines.