Sofia Vergara Forgets Wearing A Bikini Inside A Giant Shoe

Sofia Vergara close up
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Sofia Vergara has absolutely no recollection of having rocked a bright red bikini while posing inside a giant high-heeled shoe. At least, it was very difficult for the 48-year-old as she recently opened up to Ellen Degeneres and got big-time probed on an unusual Instagram photo she'd posted. Earlier this month, the Modern Family actress appeared on The Ellen Show, delighting viewers with her epic sense of humor, with talk quickly shifting from the ABC sitcom to the Colombian's famous swimwear snaps. Check it out below.

Brief Memory Lapse

Sofia Vergara in event dress
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Scroll for the photo, one Vergara shared with her 21.9 million followers back in late May. It showed the sitcom star going full bombshell and back in the '90s, when her career was largely modeling out in Miami or L.A. 

Sofia, who often can't place a precise date to her throwbacks, stunned fans in a hot red and halterneck bikini as she posed reclining against a life-size and massive red shoe while confidently smiling. Sofia admitted "I forgot to post this" as she opened her caption.

See The Photo Below!

Continuing, Sofia wrote: "I also forgot where was this,for what was this or why I was doing this!!!!???? For sure it was the 90,s Miami."

Over 400,000 likes have been left, with comments topped by America's Got Talent co-judge Heidi Klum. The blonde told Sofia: "You look the same."

Meanwhile, Ellen got to work getting Vergara to talk about the photo. "Oh, oh my god," Sofia admitted, adding "it's a mystery to me, because what could I have been doing in a shoe that big, first of all?" See more after the snap!


Ellen Says It's A 'Prop'

Sofia Vergara poolside with drinks


Talk then turned to whether the shoe was actually a shoe or just a prop. For talk show queen Ellen, it was a "prop," but Sofia disagreed, replying: What do you mean? It's a high heel."

Sofia then asked what situation would warrant her deciding "to sit in a red bikini....I was super-hot at that time." Vergara has since updated her Instagram with yet another swimwear throwback, this time in blue and calling it a "classy '90s #tbt." More photos after the interview.

Opens Up On 'Modern Family'

Sofia is fresh from revealing what she didn't like about filming the ABC sitcom she starred on. Speaking just this week, the actress admitted: “I hate the dog,” adding:

“I’m not used to [having] a little dog on top of me and licking. I grew up in Colombia, where you have big dogs. It’s not that I have anything personal with her [the dog]."

Sofia and her former co-stars enjoyed 11 years on the family-friendly series, one that came to an end in April 2020.