Christina Aguilera Causes A Stir In Bodysuit With Starbucks

Christina Aguilera close up in shades

Christina Aguilera today had her 7.5 million Instagram followers rushing to hit "like." The 40-year-old superstar singer, making major news this year as she confirms both a Spanish and English EP release, has touched down in Las Vegas for her performance at the Virgin Hotels Las Vegas Opening Celebration, posting an update to mark her arrival and doing so in a statement look. The "Stripped" singer posed from a hotel elevator and looking like money, and she even had Instagram's adored coffee accessory. Check it out below.

She's Arrived

Christina Aguilera jeans selfie

Scroll for the photo. Christina is here for Virgin's “Unstopped Weekend Celebration.” The four-day event, aiming to get Las Vegas rolling again after over a year of lock-down closures, is welcoming Aguilera, and her update today came tagged with the venue she's in partnership with.

Stunning fans in a skin-tight and slate blue bodysuit, the Grammy winner sent out major sass in dark blue sweatpants, also rocking Nike sneakers with an olive colorway as she held a hot Starbucks takeout cup.

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Christina Aguilera in elevator with coffee

Sharing multiple shots as she sported statement dark shades, the reality judge held a small black bag, writing: "It's about time for my arrival" with a heart emoji: "See you tonight, vegas," she added.

"Boom!" a fan replied. "SKINNY LEGENDITA!" another wrote. Those attending the event are paying a pretty penny, with rooms costing  $873.03 per night. Aguilera is likely staying for free and in the top-tier suite. Tickets, meanwhile, start at a more reasonable $49. Keep scrolling for more photos.

Enjoying Life Slow-Down

Christina, whose pandemic has been documented on her Instagram and has included kid-friendly Nintendo promos with her son Max, has opened up on being a little less busy, and appreciating it.

"I'd been on the road pounding the pavement for a year and a half. My Vegas residency was wrapping up for a bit right when everything shut down. Before that, I had been bouncing back and forth [touring] in Europe, Mexico, and Vegas," she told Health this year. More photos below!

A 'Great Time To Be Hunkered Down'

Christina Aguilera gaming with her son

Christina, who turned 40 in quarantine and made global headlines for her "body ody" bodysuit show-off, added: "It was a great time to be hunkered down in my house with my kids."

"I really got a moment to do little things, like be in my backyard, read books that had been on my to-read list, and go through my old diaries. I have this massive trunk of old diaries that I've literally kept from the past 20 years of my life."