'General Hospital' Spoilers: Finn Struggles And A Paternity Shocker May Be Coming

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Thursday's episode of General Hospital is shaping up to be a wild one. After weeks of anguish, Finn believes he's finally figured out how to save Chase. However, what happened with Peter is still weighing heavily on him and there may be more chaos on the horizon.

Thanks to an off-hand remark from Elizabeth, Finn had a brainstorm that he believed provided the answer to curing Chase. He rushed to share the news, and his solution meant getting cheeks swabs of both of Chase's parents.


Those DNA Results Now Have An Impact

As General Hospital viewers know, the family was recently rocked by the bombshell that Finn and Jackie slept together the night before she married Gregory. DNA tests revealed that Finn was Chase's biological father, not Gregory, but those results came with a catch.

In the midst of all of that, it was revealed that Cyrus had gotten involved in this. He'd coordinated with someone to ensure the tests provided the results he wanted, which apparently pinned Finn as Chase's biological father. 

A Potential Switch Lies Ahead

Up to this point, it had not been revealed whether or not Cyrus' contact actually manipulated the DNA test results. General Hospital fans have suspected that it would ultimately turn out that Gregory was Chase's biological father after all. 

Now that Finn is relying on getting DNA from Chase's biological parents, it seems virtually guaranteed that the family will face another shocker about those DNA tests. They probably won't have any idea who tampered with the results, but it'll leave them scrambling regardless.

Treatment Goes 'Haywire'

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The Twitter teaser for Thursday's episode of General Hospital seems to hint at this development. They tease that "Finn's new treatment for Chase goes haywire," which seems to suggest this won't proceed as Finn hoped. 

Luckily, Finn should be able to change course on this fairly quickly, even if he's stunned by it all. If he's not Chase's biological father, then it's Gregory, and he's not far away. However, that doesn't seem to be the only issue Finn needs to navigate. 

Finn Can't Live With The Guilt

According to SheKnows Soaps, Finn will have to make a major decision. Based on the General Hospital preview, it seems Finn will decide to turn himself in regarding what happened with Peter.

Finn is seen rushing out of what appears to be Chase's room. Elizabeth grabs him and asks him where he's going, and he says he's going to turn himself in to the police. Can she stop him? General Hospital spoilers tease emotions will be running high as this all plays out.