Addison Rae Looks Phenomenal In A Brown Dress

Addison Rae wears a white dress at an event.
Gettyimages | Jon Kopaloff

Addison Rae gave her 38.2 million Instagram followers something to talk about on Wednesday, June 9, when she shared a stunning new update. The 20-year-old TV personality and TikTok star looked nothing short of gorgeous in a chic brown dress. She didn't specify the details of the event in the post, but her Instagram stories revealed some info. It turns out she attended a friend's party -- a star-studded one. Rae's pal Zack Bia -- whom she greeted through stories -- held a joint party with Stassie Karanikolaou.

The Perfect Dress

Scroll down for the snaps. In the new upload, Rae sported a dress that showcased her fit figure. The garment was made of sparkly fabric, and had thin straps that clung to her shoulders, highlighting her lean arms. The length of the dress reached the floor.  Her dress was so fancy that it sparkled everytime she moved -- and the camera perfectly caught these. Rae had a tanned complexion, and her outfit looked amazing with it.

Always Bikini Ready

Addison Rae wers a yellow-and-purple bikini.
Instagram | Addison Rae

In the first photo, Rae stood against the wall with her back facing the camera. She bent her left knee and placed her hands on her upper thighs as she looked over her shoulder and straight into the camera.

The second pic featured a candid snap of Rae standing sideways. This time, fans got a full look at her dress. Although, the photo was a little blurry. She placed her left leg forward and appeared to be laughing.

Scroll Down For The Photos!

Rae has been hanging out a lot with Kourtney Kardashian. The two are pretty close to say the least. During the early stages of their friendship, some of Kardashian's family were not so pleased and even doubted their relationship. Probably because of the age gap. Nonetheless, Rae and Kardashian proved them wrong, and have been total besties ever since.

In fact, Rae and Kardashian have been spotted wearing identical clothing . At the same day, the young star also joined her friend's date with Travis Barker.

She Got Over 2.4 Million Likes

The latest share has been liked more than 2.4 million times. It also received more than 9,400 comments in less than a day. A lot of her online admirers dropped compliments in the comments section. While fans gushed over how gorgeous she looked, some were convinced that her latest series of pictures were directed at ex-boyfriend Bryce Hall.

"This gives me Kardashian vibes," one of her followers wrote.

"I’m literally obsessed with you. Bryce sure is missing a LOT," added another fan.