Gymnast McKayla Maroney Dolls Up For Sunny Mood Boost

McKayla Maroney smiles close up

Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney is putting her best wellness foot forward and proving that sunshine and a few girly details can do the world of good. The 25-year-old former athlete and London 2012 Olympics face is active on two Instagram accounts, these days. There's Maroney's main IG, followed by 1.3 million, and the lesser-known Glohé account, a feed that covers wellness topics from skincare and nutrition to mental health. Posting on Glohé recently, McKayla glowed and explained how. Check it out below.

Feel-Good Factor

McKayla Maroney smiles in sweater

Scroll for the photos. McKayla, who has been open this year about her past battles with depression and eating disorders, updated looking the picture of health and definitely not going down the sweatpants route. The California native, whose wardrobe includes a fair amount of $$$ designer these days, had posted stunning outdoor shots all flowing hair and rocking a bold green-and-white look.

Outfitted in chic tailored pants, a silky long-sleeved blouse, and with a statement white handbag, McKayla mentioned what was making her smile from the inside out.

Scroll For The Photo!

The vault queen, whose health this year has been a rollercoaster with her February 2021 kidney stones diagnosis, also rocked cat-eye shades, gold hoop earrings, and a pink lip. She told her followers this was "how I feel after I put on my tinted sunscreen, lipstick, gold hoop earrings, and some sunglasses."

McKayla added that the look also included "eyelash extensions, and a fresh new manicure 💅 and I blow dried my hair." The gymnast acknowledged that it sounded like "a lot," but what she had to say wasn't air. See it after the snap.

Her Confidence Armor

McKayla Maroney in leggings

McKayla, a binge eating disorder survivor who has also battled bouts of anorexia, continued: "Whenever I’m having a bad confidence week or month I do these things, and it’s like armor."

"In the worst part of my binge eating, or acne struggles when I felt terrible about myself, I’d still do these things to help myself leave the house. It does make a difference."

The GEICO partner told fans that even "In sweats," her little tips hold up for a guaranteed mood boost: "I swear." More below.

Reaching Out

Mckayla has focused a little on her health battles this year, ones that saw her back in the hospital for kidney stones surgery, but the star has largely been reaching out to others and encouraging self-care and acceptance.

"We all have to find ways to feel ready to take on the world, and sometimes we have to go the extra mile for ourself to feel a little stronger," she added, saying that these are her "tips." The much-loved star then sent lots of "love."