Remote Scottish Island On Sale For $3.9m

A Scottish island has gone up for sale with a guide price of £2.5m (roughly $3.9m).

Tanera Mòr is situated off the north west coast of Scotland, and at 800 acres (323 hectares) is the largest of the Summer Isles. It’s also the only inhabited island in the archipelago, with a population of just five.

The remote island, which has been occupied since Viking times, is being sold by its current owners, the Wilder family, after a proposed buyout by the local community on the mainland fizzled out. The Wilders bought the island in 1996.

What would your money get you? Well, Tanera Mòr is home to an Atlantic salmon fish farm, some rental holiday homes, a café, and a post office, which has operated its own local post and printed its own stamps since 1970. There are no roads on the island and the only recognizable path goes around the Anchorage, a sheltered bay on the east side of the island. Oh, and it has dolphins.

The island is currently run by Lizzie Wilder and her husband, Richard Williams. Speaking to BBC News, Lizzie said:

“After many happy years of calling Tanera home, it is time for someone else to have the privilege of looking after this amazing place. We hope that whoever owns the island in the future will enjoy the same warm and co-operative relationship with the community that we have for the past 17 years.”

Seems perfect for those looking after a little peace; and at $4,875 per acre, it compares pretty favourably to the $90m per acre you’d pay for prime land in New York.

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