Kelly Ripa Admits Needing To 'Find Another Career'

Kelly Ripa is right now front-page news for revealing she finds being in front of the camera "painful." The 50-year-old talk show queen, who alongside Live! co-host Ryan Seacrest forms the most-watched morning duo in America, has opened up on a podcast, with a big reveal seeing the former sitcom star get honest about her career. Earlier this week, Kelly was guest onThe Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel's Just B podcast - plenty of reveals were made.

'I'm Too Old For This Crap'

Scroll for photos. Kelly, who has joked about having a "Peter Pan" body as she continues to front magazines for her age-defying looks, mentioned her age pretty early on. 

"I've been saying that it's time to 'fold 'em' for 20 years. For 20 years I've been saying, 'I can't do it anymore. I can't do it. I'm too old for this crap. I need to find another career. I need to get off camera.' I've been saying that forever," Kelly said.

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Kelly Ripa glasses selfie

The mom of three, who has been welcoming U.S. viewers on her talk show since 2001, continued: "Being in front of the camera is not something I've ever enjoyed. I'm not very comfortable. I always say I could do my job for 200 years if it didn't happen on camera."

Kelly was, of course, on camera before Live! via All My Children, where she met husband Mark Consuelos. The two eloped in 1996 and have since welcomed children Michael, Lola, and Joaquin. See her workout below.

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Kelly Ripa backstage in dress

Still on the matter of being on-camera, Kelly added: "I don't love being on camera. It's never been something that fed me in any sort of egotistical way. I find my own voice grating, so I apologize to your listeners if they're like, 'This is nails on a chalkboard.' I feel you."

Kelly might feel she needs to find something else, but fans can't get enough of her. Earlier this year, during some brief absences, fans missed Kelly and were keen to see her back on-screen. 

Fans Aren't Seeing Age


Kelly is The Little Engine That Could. The pint-sized star recently celebrated returning to in-person training with trainer Anna Kaiser after 14 months. The pandemic has brought headline-making workouts from Kelly at her $27 million NYC home, where she joked that her bedroom had become her "gym."

Kelly also added that she hates "attention": I don't go to parties, I don't go to Hollywood events. I don't do any of that stuff. I would rather buy clothes than have to ask to borrow anything. It's painful."