Kelly Ripa Unearths Precious Photo Thanks To Daughter Lola

Rebecca Cukier

Kelly Ripa can thank 19-year-old daughter Lola Grace Consuelos for today's lucky find. The 50-year-old daytime talk show host, known for her legendary Instagram throwbacks, today shared the news that she'd stumbled across a snap taking her back to when Lola turned ten. The Live! With Kelly and Ryan host had been asked by Lola for a magazine, and it looks like she'd found the photo she texted to the woman on the cover. Turns out, that woman was a very famous face. 

Old Memories

Scroll for photos. Kelly, whose famous friends are all over celebrity Instagram and notably include 57-year-old Bravo face Lisa Rinna, was here shouting out another member of the Housewives franchise. It was none other than Bethenny Frankel, with Kelly first sharing the news - then the photo.

Taking to her stories and posting for her 2.9 million followers, Kelly wrote: "Lola asked me to buy her a magazine for her tenth birthday. I just found the photo that I texted to the woman on the cover ten years ago...I had a very good feeling! @bethennyfrankel."


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As she shouted out 50-year-old Bethenny, Kelly then posted a photo of Frankel fronting prestigious magazine Forbes. "THE NEW CELEBRITY MONEY MAKERS" was the magazine's headline cover: "The Rise of Hollywood's Entrepreneurial Elite," it added.

Lola, meanwhile, has been making major headlines as she teams up with 50-year-old dad Mark Consuelos for summer BBQ action, all for a good cause. The NYU student, spending much of the pandemic with her parents, also joined her parents for a family pool shot last summer as the Ripa/Consuelos clan fronted People. More below.

Gushing Over Beautiful Lola

Kelly, also a mom to sons Joaquin and Michael with 1996-married husband Mark, is a regular gusher when it comes to Lola. On Lola's 19th birthday, Kelly told fans:

“I’m so proud of her. Not just because she’s an incredible student, she’s a hard worker and she’s a very generous person, but she’s kind. She’s conscientious. She cares about people."

It was a different story a few years later, though, when Kelly and Mark actually shut down Lola's debit card. See why below.

'Shut Down' Her Debit Card

In 2020, Kelly revealed that Lola was getting a bit trigger happy with the takeout salads at college. The star told viewers: "I didn’t know my daughter had Postmates," adding: "She’s at college and we signed her up for a meal program, cause we’re not monsters. But you know, she doesn’t like the meals at school, so she was ordering Postmates."

"She would order the $7 salad but it would cost $25 dollars to have it delivered three blocks in New York City," Ripa added.