Wednesday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Ava's Rattled After Another Note Appears

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During Wednesday's episode of General Hospital, spoilers reveal that there will be more of the "stalker" torturing Ava. This started on Valentine's Day and now Ava will face another round of unsettling incidents. 

The person sending Ava unsettling gifts and messages has made it seem as if it is Ryan doing it. However, Ryan is said to still be in no condition to do this. A number of fans have a theory about who is truly behind this, and it seems answers may emerge soon.

It's Time To Ask For Help

According to spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, this new incident will be more alarming than the previous ones. Up until this point, Nikolas and Ava have tried to deal with this themselves for the most part. However, that is about to change.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that during Wednesday's show, Nikolas and Ava will reach out to Dante for help.  They will ask him to head to Wyndemere in hopes he can figure out who has been behind these unsettling gifts and notes. 

Ava Was Spooked

Toward the end of Tuesday's episode of General Hospital, Ava and Nikolas shared some flirty moments at home. However, as Nik went to get something, Ava's attention was drawn to a photo of her with Nikolas. Unfortunately, someone had defaced it. That means that somehow, someone connected to these incidents was physically in the house. 

The General Hospital sneak peek teases that there will be a note popping up too. Once again, Ava will assume that Ryan has engineered this somehow. 

Could Spencer Be Doing This?

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Could Spencer be behind all of this? Quite a few General Hospital fans suspect that is the case. Spencer was incredibly upset when his father Nikolas married Ava, and he pressured Nik to end the marriage. 

Nik of course didn't, so Spencer may have decided to turn up the heat. If he did concoct this scheme directed toward Ava, it might end up backfiring on him. Nik and Ava have fallen for one another, and even if Spencer is his son, Nikolas won't be pleased if he's responsible for this.

'General Hospital' Fans Have Theories

Spencer definitely seems to be a prime suspect according to viewers.

"I wish they would announce Spencer's recast already! We all know he's the one that's been sending these weird gifts to Nik & Ava," one General Hospital fan tweeted.

A few General Hospital fans have wondered if Nikolas might be setting this up himself. Of course, it's possible it's someone else entirely who has been determined to see Ava scared. Spoilers suggest there's much more with this storyline in the days ahead and fans can't wait.