Maisie Williams Celebrates Pride With Colorful Ensemble Outside Of Grocery Store

Maisie Williams rocks bold earrings and a shaggy bob on the red carpet.
Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre

Actress Maisie Williams, who many fans may recognize best from her role as Arya Stark on Game of Thrones, surprised her 10.6 million Instagram followers with her latest share, which she posted in honor of Pride Month.

The picture was taken in front of a Sainsbury's grocery store location, although Maisie didn't specify exactly where, simply listing the store's name in the geotag of the post. She also clarified in the caption that the post wasn't an advertisement, although she cheekily offered to accept payment from the grocery chain.

Colorful Queen

Maisie Williams rocks a bold knit sweater and graphic T-Shirt for Earth Day.
Instagram | Maisie Williams

The building had a sloped roof and brick exterior, and there were several shopping carts scattered around the perimeter of the space. There was a bright orange sign affixed to the roof proclaiming the name of the chain, but even that couldn't compete with Maisie's outfit when it came to color.

She looked casual and adorable in a pale blue hoodie with an oversized fit and baggy silhouette. The sweatshirt had a large flower printed in the middle of the chest, with each petal a different color of the rainbow.

Pretty For Pride

She had the hoodie layered over what appeared to be either an oversized T-Shirt or a ini dress of some sort. Only a few inches of the bottom of the garment were visible beneath the hem of her hoodie, and the piece was a gorgeous indigo hue that looked stunning with the other colors of her outfit.

She also had on a pair of textured lime green pants with a wide-legged silhouette and hem that extended just past her ankles, which she showed off by extending one foot slightly to the side.

Blond Bombshell

As if that weren't enough, Maisie also added a burst of color with her accessories. The face mask she wore was a simple black shade, but she carried a small bag in a bright orange hue in one hand. She also paired the casual look with sneakers that were a deep, rich violet shade.

Her platinum blond locks were styled in a shaggy, tousled look with bangs framing her flawless features, and she had her arms slightly extended as she posed in front of the store.

Outspoken Activist

Her fans loved the update, and the post racked up over 128,900 likes within 23 hours of going live.

"This is the content we need," one fan wrote.

One follower simply left a string of flame emoji in the comments section.

While Maisie's latest ensemble was all about color, she isn't afraid to rock more neutral looks with a chic vibe. Back in July 2020, as The Inquisitr reported, the actress attended a fashion show and rocked a beige ensemble with a matching face mask as she posed in a wheat field for a truly breathtaking snap.