Spoilers For Tuesday's 'General Hospital': Chase Surprises Willow, Liz Encourages Finn

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General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday indicate there will be a lot of action related to Chase and his battle for recovery. His condition has been all over the place since Peter's toxin got him and Finn remains desperate to save him.

The Twitter sneak peek reveals that Chase will be thrilled to see Willow stop by to visit him at General Hospital. He'll be in somewhat better condition than the last time she saw him, but he's still in rough shape.

Willow's Surprised

The General Hospital preview for June 8 shows Willow walking through the doorway to Chase's room as he looks at her and somewhat weakly declares "surprise." He has dark bags under his eyes and obviously still has a major battle ahead of him in terms of a full recovery.

Willow may not have expected to see Chase awake, and she is likely to be a bit flustered. After all, this visit comes shortly after she and Michael gave into temptation again and slept together. 

Finn's Struggling

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Chase's survival essentially relies on Finn and his abilities as an infectious disease specialist. Unfortunately, Finn's feeling the pressure and seems to be struggling to believe he can succeed with this mission. 

Thanks to Anna, Finn knows what caused Chase's sickness. In a sense it was Peter's doing. He knew Peter held the key to healing Chase, but now Peter is supposedly dead. Wherever Peter kept the antidote and any other information about the cure seemingly died with him. All of this weighs heavily on Finn.

Elizabeth Is By Finn's Side

Finn isn't navigating this impossibly difficult situation entirely alone though. He's confided everything to Elizabeth and she was the one who convinced him to cover up Peter's fall down the stairs.

According to General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, Elizabeth will collaborate with Finn during Tuesday's episode. They'll be focused on trying once again to figure out a cure for Chase, and he'll need a nudge. 

"It was always going to come down to you," Liz will tell Finn as he works on a whiteboard.

Secrets And Big Decisions

General Hospital spoilers for the days ahead signal that Chase will start to do better again, which could cause Willow and Michael some anxiety. In addition, Finn will think through the possibilities as he considers a significant decision. 

Later this week, Willow will make a promise to someone, and this is probably about her romance with Michael and how she's faking things for Chase. General Hospital spoilers hint it will take a while yet for Chase's illness to be resolved and there are juicy developments on the horizon.