Kim Kardashian's 'Distorted Finger' Raises Alarm In Underwear Promo

Rebecca Cukier

Kim Kardashian is this week facing a tough crowd as fresh Photoshop allegations swirl. The 40-year-old reality star and makeup mogul, whose billion-dollar empire also includes her 2019-founded SKIMS shapewear and clothing line, had the internet upside-down over one particular promo, with fans deeming the SKIMS shoot a "Photoshop fail" as they honed in on Kim's finger. The photos and videos, available on YouTube, appear to have vanished from any SKIMS social media pages, but that hasn't stopped the digital space delivering an opinion. Check it out below.

Another Photoshop Fail?

Scroll for photos and the video. The Kardashian-Jenners, now able to fill entire listicles on Seventeen, ones entitled: "Every Time the Kardashian/Jenners Were Caught in a Photoshop Fail," have been raising the Photoshop wand alarm plenty in 2021, with Khloe Kardashian's leaked and unedited bikini snap this year making front-page news.

A little more low-key, but still angering fans, is a video of KKW Beauty founder Kim reclining on her side while in flesh-colored underwear, running her finger down her hips and now seeing fans call the digit "distorted."

See The Video Below

Lying in her undies and looking glamorous and bronzed, E! star Kim told the camera: "Honestly guys, I used to never wear underwear. SKIMS changed that. Our Fits Everybody underwear is made from this buttery soft fabric that stretches out and bounces right back."

Kim snapped the waistband of her briefs, and it looks like she's made fans snap. The shoot now sees a TikTok user asking: "Who approved of this editing??" Another said: "They literally created this beauty standard but can't even keep it up." More photos after the video.

Fans Calling It 'Unfortunate'

Kim, who preaches body-positivity and is increasingly known for her health-conscious lifestyle as 2021 sees her go #vegan, also gained remarks over inclusivity. "This is so unfortunate because the whole message of the line is supposed to be inclusivity of all bodies and people. Dang," one user replied.

Others, meanwhile, went for jokes, with one user even going as far as writing "Looks like it was edited by North" as they threw in Kim's eldest daughter, shared with 43-year-old estranged husband Kanye West. Scroll for more photos.

Speaks Of Body-Positive 'Responsibility'

North was only 3 when Kim spoke out about body image back in 2016. The workout queen, who remains known for both her 24-inch waist and famous curves sandwiching it, revealed:

"As North gets older, she'll start to be more aware of herself and her body," adding: "Her attitude toward her body is directly related to my own, so it's my responsibility to make sure she understands that positive body image comes from having a healthy self-esteem."

SKIMS does not appear to have addressed the backlash.