Farrah Abraham Celebrates 30th Birthday In Bikini With Chicken

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Farrah Abraham is bigging up the birthday action on her Instagram and turning 30 in a pink bikini while on a jet-ski. The reality star who each year makes a big hoopla as she turns one year older, made it extra loud for the big THREE-OH this year, posting for her 2.6 million followers as she also gears up for her Thriving memoir, but the celebratory post wasn't all giggles and fun. Farrah took a moment to address shaming in her past, also reminding women not to tolerate men who treat them like garbage. Check it out below.

It's Her Birthday!

Scroll for the video. Farrah, who continues to make headlines away from the MTV franchise she left in 2018, had posted a mash-up video. The Nebraska native, out on the water, was seen flaunting her enhanced assets and sensational golden tan while in a pastel and string bikini, enjoying the ocean and eventually seen inspecting catered food - it very much looked like the Teen Mom alum was enjoying greasy and delicious chicken. 

"30th birthday viiiiiibes," Farrah said as indoor moments also showed her with her dog and pre-teen daughter Sophia.

See The Video Below!

Farrah, also seen in a glittery cream outfit and at night as she held her cake, reminded fans of dog Billionaire's penchant for licking everything. She was also heard saying: "I can't get oooover this" as she inspected the fried chicken dish.

"Good luck 30!" the mom of one added. Taking to her caption, Farrah wrote: "Well I hope this post isn’t used against me later in court, BUT I’m officially in the 30’s CLUB ! Gotta say I still feel like a teenager." More after the video.

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The L.A>-based star, reflecting on her past, continued: "I guess all the teen mom shaming was all BS in my twenties so ladies take that weight off your shoulders and stand with confidence."

"To all women who allow rape culture, stand by very bad men, tell their kids, friends to not go to authorities and do not stand by victims of abuse who are violated and still get taken advantage of," Abraham added. saying that we "deserve to make our own choices." More below.

Don't Judge Teen Mothers

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Farrah, who shot to fame as she welcomed Sophia in her teens, also took a moment to address the judgment teenage mothers receive. The controversial star told her followers:

"Teen moms are heros who fight to be treated equal with rights and all! They deserve just as much respect as a 40 year old mom." Farrah raised Sophia as a single mother from the start, with baby daddy Derek Underwood tragically dying in a car crash before his daughter was born.