Tuesday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Curtis Regains Consciousness And Trina Gets Support

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Emotions are running high in Port Charles and General Hospital spoilers promise more of that with Tuesday's episode. Curtis was shot trying to save Laura from Cyrus and his loved ones have been staying close by his side. During the June 8 show, viewers will see some positive progress with Curtis and his condition.

Throughout Monday's episode, Curtis remained unconscious. Trina snuck into his room at General Hospital and begged him to wake up, and she was distressed over his ongoing condition.

Curtis Wakes Up

The General Hospital sneak peek for Tuesday reveals that Curtis will regain consciousness. That doesn't necessarily mean he's entirely out of the woods, but this is certainly news worth celebrating. 

At some point after Curtis wakes up, Laura will spend a few minutes by his bed. He'll say something to her that prompts her to say "that makes two of us," and this is probably some sort of sentiment about gratitude they both made it out of the situation with Cyrus.

Relief And Questions

Both Portia and Jordan were extremely worried about Curtis, as was Trina. Aunt Stella showed up, worried about her nephew, and they'll all breathe a deep sigh of relief to soon learn that he's making forward progress.

When Aunt Stella showed up, she met Portia. She was somewhat subtle with her reaction, but she made a comment about knowing exactly who Portia is. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicate that Aunt Stella will have questions about where Portia and Curtis stand now.

Ava Supports Trina

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General Hospital spoilers also share that Ava will connect with Trina during Tuesday's episode. As fans know, the two developed a close relationship when Trina worked at Ava's gallery. Ava will express concern for Trina now, and the teen will promise she's doing okay.

What comes next here? General Hospital viewers have wondered if this incident might finally prompt a bombshell drop. It seems virtually guaranteed that it'll turn out Trina is Curtis' biological daughter, not Taggert's. Will that be confirmed soon?

Not All 'General Hospital' Fans Are In Favor

This theory has been floating around for a long time, but General Hospital viewers have mixed feelings about it.

"I really hope Portia didn't lie about Trina's paternity. We already saw that with Jordan & TJ," one fan tweeted.

"I was crying happy tears during the Trina and Curtis scenes on #GH today!" a viewer admitted.

"How long until Curtis needs a donor and Trina is a match?" someone else suggested.

Tuesday's episode of General Hospital should be a good one and spoilers hint there's plenty more on the way.