Salma Hayek Dances To Britney Spears In Flare Yoga Pants

Salma Hayek close up
Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

Salma Hayek is today experiencing extremely high traffic on her Instagram, this as she busts out moves to singer Britney Spears' iconic 1998 track "...Baby One More Time." The MCU actress kicked the week off to one very energetic start, posting for her 18 million followers and showing that Britney ain't the only one who can work a dancefloor. Salma, 54, was shouting out both the 39-year-old pop princess and her upcoming The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard movie - see why the views are racking up below.

Everyone Knows The Song...

Britney Spears in knotted tee

Scroll for the video. Britney released her debut track over 20 years ago, but the "Toxic" singer today only ear-marked her pop culture icon status as Salma was filmed indoors, with five backing dancers, and putting her all into the song that made it all happen for Britney.

Shouting out her glam team (likely those seen with her), the Mexican went full-throttle with the dancing as she wore flared black yoga pants, plus a dark loose tee, sneakers, and her hair down. 

Keep Scrolling For The Video

Salma, who whipped her hair around, waved her arms, and even delivered a pretty impressive and karate-style leg kick that turned into a whip, tagged singer Britney in her caption, also inviting fans to deliver their own version - it's called a challenge and no, Salma isn't too old for them. The actress took to her caption, writing:

"Show me your #hitmanschallenge baby!Muéstrame tu mejor #hitmanschallenge baby!" adding:

"I’ll be watching….. #hitmanswife @hitmansbodyguard @lionsgate @britneyspears," she added, before thanking a full glam team: "Thank you team." See more photos after the video!

Getting Her Workout In

Salma Hayek snacking on tacos

Salma, who has made headlines this year for confirming she's pulling her own movie stunts at 54, has also made headlines for saying nah, she doesn't exercise much. In fact, the mom of one has revealed she just doesn't have the time.

"I don't have time to exercise. I am working. I've had some 20-hour days," she told People: “I work with a woman in London who taught me how to hold my body in a way where the muscles are activated all day long." More photos below.

See Britney's Home Dance

Meanwhile, over on Britney Spears' Instagram, it's been dancing from the girl who made VMAs headlines for dropping moves with a slithering snake - exactly what Salma did on-screen back in 1996. Spears is fresh from another of her legendary home dance sessions, one that came barefoot and with the blonde clad in skimpy shorts and a sports bra.

Salma's video today logged 500,000+ views in under two hours. Fans said they couldn't get enough of her energy: "Loooove!" one wrote.