'General Hospital' Weekly Spoilers: Jax Gets Assertive, Finn Worries About Chase

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Stacy Carey

General Hospital spoilers for the week of June 7 suggest that things will be pretty wild in Port Charles with plenty of action playing out elsewhere too. Peter is supposedly dead and Maxie claimed fake nurse "Chloe" stole Louise. Michael and Willow gave into temptation, and someone happened to see their frisky interlude.

According to SheKnows Soaps, there will be friction between Carly and Jax during Monday's show. General Hospital spoilers indicate she'll question why he's still pushing something, and she'll be irritated.

Carly And Jax Butt Heads

Whatever it is that is said between Carly and Jax, she'll end up deciding to shut him out. She's leaned heavily on Jax for some time, but they've butted heads a lot lately. As the week continues, General Hospital spoilers reveal he'll interact with Michael and this could get interesting. 

Apparently, Jax will say or do something that puts Michael in a tight spot. This is probably about Nina and Wiley, and some General Hospital fans wonder if Jax ended up being the person to see Michael and Willow. 

Jax Pressures Michael

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In addition, the Twitter sneak peek for the week details that Jax will ask someone, probably Carly, what's going on with Michael. Later in the week, Michael will tell Willow about what happened with Jax, and Carly gets suspicious in connection to this. After that, Carly will confront Jax. 

As all of this is happening, Chase will continue to fight for his life. General Hospital spoilers indicate things will start to improve, but as fans have seen, that tends to be short-lived.

Finn's Stressed

Chase's life essentially depends on Finn's medical expertise, and this is a tough situation. Finn pushed Peter down the stairs at General Hospital in a fit of rage, and Peter supposedly died. Peter was the only one who had access to what it would take to save Chase.

General Hospital spoilers detail that Elizabeth and Finn will be in a desperate scramble to save Chase while still covering up what happened with Peter. Willow will make a promise seemingly related to Chase, and he'll open up to Jackie and Gregory.

Drama, Drama, Drama

There will be drama playing out in Pennsylvania with "Mike" and Nina, and viewers will see more of Sam and Dante together. The Quartermaine mansion is the place to be for awkward interactions and General Hospital spoilers note that Curtis will be fighting for his life. 

Shawn and Alexis will pop up a bit, and Ava's stalker will make another move. General Hospital spoilers also suggest Britt and Obrecht will return to Port Charles and there's plenty involving both Maxie and Brook Lynn on the way too.