Kaley Cuoco Road Trips With Funny 'Friends' Top

Kaley Cuoco with hair partially pulled back
Gettyimages | Jon Kopaloff

Kaley Cuoco might play a flight attendant on TV, but she didn't hop on a plane when she headed to Virginia over the weekend. Instead, she and her husband, Karl Cook, got in the car with a few dogs to take a long road trip to Old Dominion. For the journey, Kaley kept her look casual and comfy in a top that paid tribute to one of her favorite television shows and one of her favorite drinks. The trip took place after she did a good deed. 

Kaley Addresses Her Audience From Bed

Kaley Cuoco grabs Karl Cook's shoulder in bed.
Instagram | Karl Cook

In a series of Instagram stories, Kaley apprised her followers of what she was about to do. Her initial posts were filmed from the comfort of her bed. 

Kaley had on one of her beloved unicorn nightshirts, and the professional showjumper was sipping hot coffee out of a Yeti tumbler bearing the name of her horse barn, Big Bay City. She revealed that she was preparing to drive to Virginia, but didn't explain why. 

"We're getting ready to go on a road trip today, and if you know me, that's not really my thing," she said. "Were going to drive to Virginia."

Kaley Reveals Her Road Trip Outfit

Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook in the car with pet pit bull
Instagram | Kaley Cuoco

Kaley revealed that she was "excited about the trip," but she was a bit concerned about having to spend six hours in the car. She promised her fans that she would keep them entertained during her travels with her "annoying stories." She teased that she might do a little karaoke and perhaps even a "Cup of Cuoco" video.

Kaley later shared a photo of herself and her husband, Karl Cook, in the car. Their pet pit bull Blueberry had crawled up on the console between them. Along for the ride was also Dumpy the chihuahua. From his carrier in the backseat, be tried to communicate with Kaley by making his odd Gremlin noises

Kaley had on a gray T-shirt that had the word "BOURBON" printed on it in lettering that resembled the Friends title card, complete with multicolored dots. The title of the show's theme song, "I'll Be There For You," was printed underneath it.

Kaley Is A Huge 'Friends' Fan

It's no secret that Kaley loves Friends. She freaked out when Jennifer Aniston started following her on Instagram, and she shared a video of herself sobbing while watching the Friends reunion show. In the scene that made her so emotional, David Schwimmer was strolling around one of the sitcom's empty sets. 

Like the cast of Friends, Kaley has gone through the emotional experience of saying goodbye to a massively successful sitcom. She's expressed hope that she and her Big Bang Theory co-stars will get back together for their own reunion show someday, and she'll likely have just the funny T-shirt for the occasion.    

Kaley Did Something Special While In Kentucky

Kaley and Karl are likely driving to Virginia from Kentucky. According to WTVQ, the couple spent some time at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington on Friday. While there, Kaley met with a few patients of the Kentucky Children's Hospital. She posed for photos, signed autographs, and spoke about her love for horses. 

Kaley's Lexington itinerary included a bourbon tasting with Karl, so she's clearly a fan of the spirit (if her shirt didn't already make that obvious). Karl also gave his Instagram followers a tour of Justin's House of Bourbon

Fans will have to keep their fingers crossed that Kaley updates them on what she's doing in Virginia during her next episode of "Cup of Cuoco."