'General Hospital' Spoilers: Roger Howarth Teases Return As 'Dr. Austin'

Roger Howarth films 'General Hospital'
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Actor Roger Howarth is back on General Hospital, but he's not Franco Baldwin any longer. So far, he's said he's a doctor named Austin, but spoilers suggest he's much more than that. What do fans suspect and what teasers have been made available so far?

Dr. Austin just happened to run across Maxie as she was in the woods and about to deliver baby Louise. He was just a casual outdoors guy at the time who was able to deliver Maxie's baby. 

Austin's Taken To General Hospital

Peter's fake nurse caught up to Maxie and Austin and knocked him out. Once "Chloe" was taken care of, Maxie got ahold of Brook Lynn, and both Maxie and Austin were taken to General Hospital. He was fixed up and spoilers hint he'll end up sticking around.

When asked by others who he was, he danced around providing a last name. That was rather fishy, but General Hospital viewers also noticed he paused when he saw Michael's name on a board at GH. 

A Mysterious Interest And Connection

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Why would Austin be interested in Michael? It didn't take long for theories to pop up.  As some have noted, it seems likely Austin's last name is one that would be familiar to others in Port Charles, thus his efforts to hide it. 

"Austin not giving his last name means his last name is Holt or Quartermaine, right?" one viewer tweeted

Quite a few General Hospital viewers have speculated that perhaps Austin is connected to Jimmy Holt, the son of Edward Quartermaine and mistress Beatrice LeSeur. 

Jimmy Moved To Pautuck

As Soap Central detailed, Jimmy was living in Pautuck, New York, which is where Maxie was taken and where Austin was. It seems like more than a coincidence that the writers would choose that particular town without a reason. 

Jimmy was a major schemer years ago, and he was excluded from Edward's will when he died in 2012. The last that viewers knew, Jimmy had moved to Pautuck to run a country store with his love Charity Gatlin. Could Austin be their son?

Howarth's Excited 

The new print edition of Soap Opera Digest details Howarth said he was terrified, excited, and grateful to return in this new role. 

"In terms of figuring it out, what's been really kind of fun is that as soon as I think I have it figured out, I'm reminded that I just don't," Howarth teased. 

It's possible Austin is connected to someone else in Port Charles. General Hospital fans have plenty of ideas, and spoilers suggest there's much more to come in the days ahead.