'General Hospital' Star Kirsten Storms Shares Shocking Medical News With Fans

Kirsten Storms attends the Daytime Emmy Awards
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This week on General Hospital, viewers watched Maxie go through some heartbreaking things. She was kidnapped by a fake nurse, fought for her life, delivered her baby in the woods, and handed her newborn over to Brook Lynn. On Friday evening, actress Kirsten Storms revealed she'd been going through some challenging things herself. 

In a string of Instagram stories, Storms shared the scoop on what she had been through over the past few days. Luckily, she had her bestie Emme Ryan (Lulu) by her side. 

Surgery And A Neck Brace

As the series of video clips started, Rylan and Storms were sitting in a car. Storms added text that said, "Sorry for the shock you guys," as she had a neck brace on. Storms was in the drivers seat, and she joked, "We've been doing stuff!"

Storms explained that while she hadn't talked about it at all on her Instagram page, she had needed brain surgery this week. She was quick to tell General Hospital fans that it was not cancer though.

On The Mend

Doctors had discovered that Storms had a large cyst on the lower portion of her brain. It had recently split into two parts and doctors felt that brain surgery was necessary. 

The General Hospital star detailed that when she was in surgery and doctors opened her up, the pressure the cyst was causing was quite noticeable. For the next few weeks, she'll be recovering at home. The surgery had taken place a couple of days prior to the stories being posted.

She'll Be Back At 'General Hospital' Soon

Kirsten Storms and Emme Rylan film 'General Hospital'
Instagram | Emme Rylan

While Storms acknowledged she would be "on the mend for the next several weeks," she promised she "will be back at work when this is over with." Rylan did interject to suggest her bestie could certainly "take a minute" in her recovery, meaning Storms shouldn't rush it and go back to work too soon. 

Storms then admitted, "I feel like sh*t so we're gonna go, pardon my language, but I think I've earned it." General Hospital fans would surely agree with that. 

What About Maxie?

What does this mean for Maxie on General Hospital? Will they bring in a temporary recast to cover while Storms is gone? There's a lot regarding Maxie on the way, but the show does tape weeks ahead of episode air dates. 

It could be that the character of Maxie will be off-screen for a bit as storylines shift elsewhere, and perhaps Storms was able to pre-tape some scenes. Regardless of when she'll return, General Hospital fans are sending love and well wishes for a speedy and full recovery.