Monday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Brook Lynn Panics, Ned Wants Valentin Gone

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General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on Monday, June 7 signal that there will be some drama playing out at the Quartermaine mansion. It's a crowded home these days, and that's certain to spark some conflicts. 

This week, Brook Lynn caught up to Maxie in the woods and the baby swap plan was implemented. Given Peter's scheme to have Maxie kidnapped by the fake nurse "Chloe," Maxie's plan needed some last-minute adjustments. For now, however, nobody suspects anything is amiss.

Baby 'Bailey' Is The Center Of Attention

When Brook Lynn took Maxie's baby Louise, she concocted a scheme about giving birth in a motel. She managed to get through telling Michael and Willow about this, and she'll further manage to get through a visit to General Hospital and seeing Valentin without revealing her secrets.

However, Brook Lynn is quite on edge over this and General Hospital spoilers hint that will come into play on Monday. The sneak peek for June 7 shows Brook Lynn racing down the stairs in a panic. 

Brook Lynn Freaks Out

As she races down the stairs, Brook Lynn screams out wondering where "Bailey" is. Given how many people are currently living there, there are quite a few options in terms of who has her. In all likelihood, Valentin, Olivia, Ned, or someone else giddy about the family addition simply scooped her up for some snuggling, perhaps as Brook Lynn napped.

In addition, General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps hint that the dynamic between Brook Lynn and Valentin will get quite interesting in the days ahead. 

Heartbreaking Deception

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Brook Lynn faked this pregnancy in order to make a deal with Valentin to get ELQ back for the Quartermaines. So far, he hasn't questioned the pregnancy at all and he's already head-over-heels for baby "Bailey." Brook Lynn put a lot of work into this scheme, but she may start to question her decisions soon.

During the episode of General Hospital  set to air on Friday, June 11, Valentin and Brook Lynn will share a tender moment together, surely over the baby.

Changes Ahead

General Hospital spoilers hint that this one sweet moment could become a turning point for the two of them. Perhaps Brook Lynn softens toward him and considers the possibilities, but eventually, he's going to learn about her massive deception.

In addition, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Ned will be trying to push Valentin out of the picture. At the very least, Ned will try to get him out of the house. This is all going to get pretty crazy and fans cannot wait.