6 cool photo tarps for your garage door

In most places, and sort of fun to be had with the exterior of a house is quickly decided against due to boring as hell neighbors.

And all manner of ruckus is raised when home exterior standards are not adhered to- particularly heated homeowners association (look at me, I own a home!) battles make the news a few times a year, and it’s the odd person who hasn’t had something pointed out by a “helpful” neighbor if they don’t hop right to raking or mowing.

So while the images below, trompe l’oeil tarps that are designed to overlay garage doors, are cool, the likelihood of neighbors not hating your guts for employing one would be ridonkulously low.

There’s one for the upwardly mobile:

People who just find the idea of a clean garage amusing:

One for disco fans:

Something to piss off PETA:

And the truly bizarre:

You can see all the options here.

[Dvice via snopes]