Friday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Cyrus Makes Demands, Laura & Curtis Scramble

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Friday's episode of General Hospital will have viewers sitting on the edges of their seats, the latest spoilers tease. Cyrus continues to wreak havoc at Portia's house as he demands help in escaping Port Charles without further injuries. 

All hands are on deck to manage this situation. They're all quite anxious about what Cyrus might do, and the Twitter preview suggests there will be more than one plan pursued to resolve this. Will everybody, including Cyrus, make it out of this alive?

Laura's Sacrifice

During Thursday's episode of General Hospital, Laura convinced Cyrus to make a trade. She offered to become his new hostage as long as he let Trina and Portia go unharmed. Kevin, Jordan, and Curtis weren't thrilled with this, but Laura was adamant.

According to spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, Laura will receive a death threat on Friday's show. Given the circumstances, it seems this must come from Cyrus.  She's tried to appeal to his desperation for a family connection, but he's resistant.

Cyrus Is Falling Apart And Desperate

The General Hospital sneak peek indicates that Cyrus will tell those outside the house that whatever happens to him also happens to Laura. This may be the death threat the teasers have revealed, or he may get even more unhinged as he anticipates the PCPD plans. 

Kevin will talk with Cyrus on the phone, trying to use his background as a doctor and therapist to convince Cyrus to back off. Could Kevin's desperation over his wife being inside make this difficult to manage?

Trina May Be Able To Help

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As Laura works on Cyrus from the inside and Kevin does his best via the phone, General Hospital spoilers detail that Curtis will approach this from a different angle. He will talk with Trina and tell her he is going to need her help in some way.

Typically, Trina is pretty frosty toward Curtis, although that's receded a bit. In this case, she'll probably be willing to help him however she can since Laura saved her. What does he have in mind?

A Resolution On The Horizon

How will this standoff end and what will happen to Cyrus? General Hospital spoilers seem to signal this may soon be resolved. During the week of June 8, Curtis and Portia will be spending time together again, and Stella has questions about that. This surely means that Laura's freed and Cyrus is probably in police custody.

Friday's show brings more with the Peter situation and Valentin meets the baby, while there's action involving Britt as well as Carly on the way too.