Thursday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Finn Puts The Pressure On Peter

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This week has been a wild one on General Hospital and spoilers for Thursday's episode tease it'll be an epic one. For the past week, viewers have been waiting to see the context of the massive fall Peter would take. Now, it seems the actual fall is coming and Finn may be involved. 

During Wednesday's episode of General Hospital, Maxie shredded Peter. She convinced him that the fake nurse took baby Louise and she recorded him admitting many of his crimes.

Peter Never Saw It Coming

Maxie was enraged as she confronted Peter and he was quite taken aback. She knew more about all he'd done than he'd anticipated and she expertly hid the information she didn't want him to know. Peter was stunned that Maxie recorded their conversation and immediately sent it to Mac.

 Peter stopped pleading with Maxie and raced to get away from General Hospital. As Peter ran to the roof of General Hospital, a number of others were anxious to track him down. 

Finn Is Done Being Polite Or Professional

Gladys confessed to knowing Peter had killed Franco, so the PCPD is ready to arrest him. In addition, Finn is desperate for another vial of the antidote for Chase and Peter's the only one who has it.

Finn went searching for Peter and found him on the General Hospital roof. Spoilers promise a heated exchange on Thursday between the two men. According to SheKnows Soaps, Finn will essentially be at a point where he is ready to take any risks necessary to get what he wants.  

Peter Still Holds An Advantage

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As the General Hospital preview for June 3 shows, Finn will demand that Peter give him what he needs to save Chase. It seems unlikely Peter will be in any mood to cooperate though. 

Peter is desperate and waiting for his hired helicopter to show up to save him. At this stage, he probably won't see any upside to helping Finn or Chase, and it's not as if he'll help out of compassion. 

Could Finn become further enraged and shove Peter down the stairs? It certainly seems possible. 

Big Questions Should Be Answered Soon

General Hospital viewers have already seen that Elizabeth will come upon Peter after his fall. He'll be unconscious with blood pooling around his head and she'll lean down to check for a pulse. 

Could this finally be the end of the road for Peter? General Hospital spoilers hint at decisions or discussions coming during the week ahead regarding Peter. However, there's nothing that signals whether or not he survives this injury. At this point, fans are practically holding their breath as they wait for answers.