Kourtney Kardashian Reveals Fitness Hack In Sheer Dress With Coca-Cola

Rebecca Cukier

Kourtney Kardashian is dropping epic corset dress action in a hilarious, but nonetheless accurate, workout hack photo. The 42-year-old reality star and Poosh founder today updated her Instagram while prancing a city street in see-through eveningwear and boots as she held a bottle of Coca-Cola, but the message was a gym-centric one, even backed by a blog post. Looking beyond fierce in her shades and festival-vibed outfit, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star once again reminded fans why Poosh has 4 million Instagram followers. Check it out below.

Little Hack

Scroll for the photo. Poosh, founded by Kourtney in 2019 and now retailing everything from age-defying collagen powders to LED masks, was shouted out as the eldest KarJenner was snapped sassily strutting a sunny sidewalk. 

The photo showed Kourtney outfitted in a cupped, corset-like dress, one that came all ruched ties and asymmetric, partly opaque, and paired with brown lace-up heeled boots. The mom of three rocked a glossy dark mane, glossy dark shades, and she held the world's most famous soda as she walked.

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Taking to her caption, the Calabasas-based star told her 124 million followers: "Hacks to turn a walk into a workout," also tagging her lifestyle brand. Over on Poosh, a blog post helpfully outlines the oldest known workout to man, also one that costs zero dollars. "Fitness hacks to get the most out of a simple walk" is the latest.

Authored by Poosh, the post tells readers: "Move your arms. You might feel silly, but who cares. Actively swing your arms back and forth to tone and sculpt your muscles."

Ideal For The Multi-Taskers

Poosh, which largely garners a female audience and many a mother or working woman, added: "Disclaimer: this post was made for those who are slightly lazy (it’s me) and are addicted to multitasking. Read on to learn our hacks to elevate your next walk."

"Wear ankle and wrist weights. Opt for a pair that’s slim and convenient, like this set. Play your favorite song," the post continued.

Kourtney is herself fresh from major health and fitness headlines as she reveals that she's 100% vegan. See her eats below.

Going Vegan

In May, and via Poosh, the ex to Scott Disick announced her daily diet, one that's plant-based, rich in nutrients, and begins with either Acai bowls or vegan blueberry bagels with peanut butter and jelly. Also a fan of plant-based Mind Bars, Kourtney eats vegan chicken and waffles and she snacks on pickles and tangerines.

Kourtney's workouts, this year heavily Pilates-based, continue to contribute to her age-defying figure. Also going vegan this year is 40-year-old sister Kim Kardashian, recently sharing her home-cooked vegan tacos.