Kourtney Kardashian Says 'Don't Judge Me' With McDonald's Fries

Rebecca Cukier

Kourtney Kardashian is snacking on McDonald's just like everyone else, and she's saying "don't judge me." The 42-year-old reality star and Poosh founder, fresh in the news after revealing she's gone fully vegan, today updated her Instagram with major cheat food action, posting for her 123 million followers and in a post promoting her 2019-founded lifestyle brand. Kourtney, known to be the health nut in the Kardashian-Jenner family, was showing that an off day doesn't do any harm. Check it out below.

'Don't Judge Me'

Scroll for the photo. Kourtney, who has been clapping back at judgment over her new "rocker" style as she dates Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker, was seemingly making sure the scrutiny doesn't happen by taking to her caption with a joke warning. 

The Calabasas-based star, shot indoors and by a table with a water bottle and carton of McDonald's fries, was snapped with a fry in her mouth, proving the food displays aren't just for photo ops. A naughty, caught-off-guard expression upped the fun.

See The Photo Below!

The mom of three, who has revealed kicking off the day with vegan acai bowls and enjoys snacking on pickles and citrus fruits, wore an edgy leather biker jacket and cozy matching beanie, also sharing a photo of herself in her LED mask, one Poosh retails. Road shots, snacking on chocolates from a bed, and a blurred snap of the opening image were also posted.

"Don't judge me," Kourtney wrote, adding: "Second swipe for LED mask" as she offered 20% off until Monday. Swipe below for the gallery - scroll for more photos.

Revealing New Vegan Diet

A May blog post on Poosh revealed Kourtney's new vegan lifestyle, telling readers: "As you’ve probably noticed from Kourt’s Instagram, she’s gone (mostly, like 95%) vegan when it comes to her diet. From keto to intermittent fasting, she’s no stranger to adjusting her meals to live a healthier lifestyle. She’s been easing into it for the past six to seven months with no meat (and the occasional butter and honey)."

Kourtney is also a huge fan of Mind Right vegan bars, plus vegan chicken and waffles. More photos below.

Intermittent Fasting

In 2020, Kourtney revealed she's into intermittent fasting, a lifestyle touted by experts as helping to burn calories.

"I [also] love intermittent fasting. I try to do that all the time. Sometimes if I’ve had a normal day of eating and I’m pretty full, instead of having dinner, I’ll have some bone broth, especially if I’m not feeling well or starting to get sick.”

Also hopping aboard the vegan bandwagon is 40-year-old sister Kim Kardashian, this month going viral with her home-cooked vegan tacos.