'General Hospital' Spoilers: Peter May Be On Borrowed Time

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General Hospital spoilers for the week of May 31 tease that viewers will want to be sure to tune in for every moment. Fans already know Peter ends up falling down a stairwell, and it looks as if there are plenty of suspects regarding who seemingly shoves him.

Peter's typically had plenty of enemies at any given time. However, at the moment, the list is longer than ever. He knows where he stands with some people, but he may be surprised by who eventually comes after him.

Peter's Crossed Lines

At this point, Peter's done so many awful things to so many people, he probably can't even keep track. He doesn't realize just how many people have figured out he killed Franco, nor does he know Anna told Finn (who told Elizabeth) about what he did to Chase.

Of course, there's also Maxie. As of the end of Friday's show, Peter still thinks his plan with fake nurse "Chloe" is moving along and he'll pull off his scheme to join them. 

Things Are About To Implode

During Friday's episode of General Hospital, Chase was rushed back to GH and his condition started to rapidly deteriorate again. In addition, Maxie delivered baby Louise and managed to get fake Chloe off her back. Both of these crisis situations tie back to Peter.

The General Hospital sneak peek for the week ahead reveals Anna will pay Peter a visit at his office. In addition, Elizabeth will angrily tell Finn that "he," surely Peter, doesn't get to take anything else away from them.

Answers Will Come Soon

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General Hospital viewers have known all week that Peter would end up bleeding and unconscious at the bottom of a stairwell somewhere. The rest of the week has taken fans back a few hours before the fall to show all that led up to it. 

At the beginning of Friday's show, for the first time, fans saw that someone did check Peter's pulse after his fall. Is that a sign that Elizabeth tracked down Peter after what she said to Finn?

Intense Confrontations Ahead

As SheKnows Soaps notes, there is no new episode of General Hospital on Monday. Anna becomes suspicious of Peter on Tuesday, and Willow confronts Finn as well. Finn confronts Peter on Thursday, while Elizabeth tears into Valentin. 

The events from Friday's show seemingly took place just a couple of hours prior to Peter's fall. Soap Central teases that soon Peter will find himself in a spot where there seems to be no getting out of it and fans cannot wait to watch.