Thursday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Maxie's Desperate, Valentin Threatens Peter

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Fans will not want to miss Thursday's episode of General Hospital. Spoilers provide a hint of what comes next for Maxie as she struggles to save both herself and baby Louise. Back in Port Charles, Brook Lynn is trying to move ahead with her portion of the baby swap plan.

During Wednesday's episode, Maxie woke up from the drug the fake nurse had pumped into her. She got up to speed fairly quickly on what Peter had done and was desperate to get away from "Chloe."

Maxie Makes A Getaway

Maxie threw hot tea in "Chloe's" eyes, but then she hesitated. Luckily, before the fake nurse could inject Maxie a second time, the pregnant mama took action again. She grabbed a fireplace poker to swing at her nemesis, and the General Hospital sneak peek for Thursday suggests this will prove to have been a wise move on her part.

General Hospital spoilers tease that once again, Maxie will find herself on the side of a road preparing to give birth to her child. 

Someone Approaches And Maxie's Worried

The last time that Maxie gave birth, it was James with Peter's help on the side of the road. She certainly didn't plan on delivering another baby this way, and she's desperately hoping Peter won't be assisting her this time.

The General Hospital preview shows Maxie quite stressed out and her anxiety increases as what seems to be a car headlight coming toward her. As the clip shifts away from showing Maxie, she can be heard yelling, "No!" Could this be "Chloe"?

Valentin's Keeping An Eye On Brook Lynn

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Peter has planned to join "Chloe" and Maxie later, although General Hospital spoilers suggest he may not make it. Before he gets to that point, however, he'll have a confrontation with Valentin.

As SheKnows Soaps details, Valentin's been keeping a close eye on Brook Lynn, having no idea she's faking her pregnancy and planning to sneak away. He interrupted Brook Lynn's plans once, but she did seem to successfully get away from the mansion without his noticing and he may not notice this for a bit.

Valentin Makes His Intent Clear

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central reveal Valentin will make himself quite clear as he issues a warning to Peter during this upcoming confrontation. Valentin threatens that if Peter messes with his daughter, he'll kill him. 

What prompts Valentin to feel the need to issue this caution? Peter probably won't be particularly rattled by this, despite Valentin's seriousness. Ultimately, General Hospital spoilers indicate that major stairwell fall for Peter must come soon and it seems perhaps Valentin could end up a prime suspect.