‘Pokemon X’ And ‘Pokemon Y’: New Rumors Swirl

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y have spawned a new round of rumors.

The previous rumor was more a round of speculation as to whether or not the X and Y in the titles indicated that a third entry, Z, would mean the end of the franchise. The truth is yet unknown, but seeing as they’re heading for a machine made for 3D, the most popular conclusion would be that the X, Y and Z are dimensional axis references and nothing more.

The new rumors swirling about Pokemon X and Pokemon Y involve evolutions on the most part. Evolution plays a major role in the Pokemon franchise, as it allows Pokemon you catch to become more powerful and useful to your collection. The better your collection, the more likely you are to win badges and become the best Pokemon trainer in your circle.

One evolution rumor involves Absol, one of the most well-made Pokemon to date. It is said that it may be seeing a new form that brings the underpowered Pokemon into a new realm of competitiveness.

Another involves Jynx, one of the not-so-well-made Pokemon in the bunch. Jynx may be getting a more powerful form in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. Jynx could benefit from a change in skills and form.

Heracross and Pinsir are both rumored to be getting pre-evolutions. So now you may be able to catch them in weaker forms and then evolve them into their current forms. On the flip side, they may also be getting interesting new evolutions. Pre-evolutions are a rarity, but either could happen.

Another rumored Pokemonevolution involves the Ghost/Dark type Sableye. His stats are a bit on the average side and his form seems a bit dated, so the chances appear pretty high that Sableye will get a new evolution.

There may be some Pokemon type changes to Fairy, including Clefairy and Togepi joining the crowd with the possible addition of Sylveon.

What do you think of the new round of rumors surrounding Pokemon X and Pokemon Y?