Fans Of 'General Hospital' Buzz Over Monday's Big Stairwell Fall

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Stacy Carey

Monday's episode of General Hospital started and ended with an intense moment that quickly got viewers buzzing online. Someone took a spill down a stairwell, and fans had a tough time figuring out whether it was Brando Corbin or Peter August. 

Regardless of which man it was who fell, it seems they'll likely both be fine. However, there are questions about how the fall happened and what will come next. General Hospital spoilers promise at least some answers will be revealed on Tuesday.

Peter Or Brando?

Monday's episode started with the quick fall down the stairs, then alerted viewers it was showing what happened seven hours prior. The action included Carly pressuring Gladys and Peter coordinating with Cyrus, then Cyrus with Gladys tied up. Brando arrived to see his mother kidnapped, and a moment later, the fall down the stairs was shown again.

The tumble was filmed in a way that made it tricky to see whether it was Brando or Peter. However, a freeze-frame glimpse of that moment showed it was indeed Peter. 


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Peter Seemingly Won't Perish Though

As much as many General Hospital fans would love to see this be the end of Peter, that's probably not going to be the case. The sneak peek for Tuesday showed Peter looking just fine, talking to the fake nurse. 

"So ONCE AGAIN, the #GH sneak preview hilariously negates the cliffhanger. Peter falls/is pushed down the stairs...but then WE SEE HIM PERFECTLY FINE tomorrow. WHY DO THIS, @GeneralHospital? WHY?" one viewer tweeted.

It could be, however, that things are not quite as they appear with this preview.

Is There More To This Than Meets The Eye?

It seems it could be that what is shown of Peter for Tuesday's episode is going to still be from the time before the fall. 

"Oh no, a '6 hours later' flashforward of Peter taking a tumble? Are we going to get the next six hours in real time over the next 6 episodes w/no Mem Day ep, so the big May sweeps finale NEXT WEDNESDAY?" another General Hospital viewer speculated.

"Well.. I don't care how .. I'm just glad some one threw #Peter down the stairs," another person quipped.

Some Answers Come Tuesday

In the days ahead, General Hospital spoilers detail Cyrus will win out and Brando will face questions at the PCPD. Next week, Peter will be pushed into a corner, so it seems he'll get through this stairwell fall. 

The big question may be regarding who pushed him, rather than how injured he was. At least one General Hospital viewer suggested a juicy plot twist.

"If Roger Howarth's character is revealed to have pushed Peter down the stairs then I am left with no chance but to stan."