Karl-Anthony Towns Wants To Follow In Footsteps Of Kobe Bryant & Tim Duncan

Karl-Anthony Towns going back to defense
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After finishing the 2020-21 NBA season as the third-worst team in the Western Conference, the Minnesota Timberwolves are set to miss the playoffs for the third consecutive year. With their inability to get out of the bottom of the Western Conference, rumors surrounding the face of the franchise, Karl-Anthony Towns, are expected to heat up once again in the 2021 offseason.

Towns is yet to demand a trade from the Timberwolves, but most people believe that it would only be a matter of time before he starts finding his way out of Minnesota.

Karl-Anthony Towns Inspired By Kobe Bryant

Karl-Anthony Towns reacts to the ref's call
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It wouldn't be surprising if Towns really ends up demanding a trade from the Timberwolves. Despite his explosive performance almost every season, they remain as one of the worst teams in the Western Conference. In his six years as the face of the franchise, their only greatest achievement was reaching the playoffs once in 2018 where they suffered a first-round exit from the hands of the Houston Rockets.

However, Towns doesn't seem to be ready to give up on the Timberwolves. According to Shahbaz Khan of Timberwolves.com, Towns wants to follow in the footsteps of Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan and spend his entire career with the Timberwolves.

"I hope to have a career like Kobe…with one team," Towns said. "Like Tim [Duncan] and Kobe, where it’s one team and try to bring as many championships as possible."

Karl-Anthony Towns Says He's Happy With Timberwolves

Karl-Anthony Towns complaining to the ref
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Towns has gone through plenty of ups and downs in his first six years with the Timberwolves. Aside from their inability to consistently win games, he has also dealt with numerous off-court issues. However, despite all the negative things that happened, Towns said that he's happy to represent the Timberwolves in the NBA.

“I just really am happy that I’m able to still be here playing for this amazing city and state and be able to stay here and affect change in the community,” Towns said. “I’m just so happy that I’ve been given a chance to play here in Minnesota all these years.”

Karl-Anthony Has The Reason To Remain Optimistic With Timberwolves

Karl-Anthony Towns hugs D'Angelo Russell
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Despite missing the playoffs for the third consecutive season, Towns and the Timberwolves still have a bright future ahead of them. Aside from Towns, there are several players on their roster who managed to establish an impressive performance in the 2020-21 NBA season, including Anthony Edwards and D'Angelo Russell.

After struggling earlier this season, Edwards stepped up in the second half and showed everyone why he's the No. 1 overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft. In 72 games he played, he averaged 19.3 points, 4.7 rebounds, 2.9 assists, and 1.1 steals while shooting 41.7 percent from the field and 32.9 percent from beyond the arc, per ESPN.

Meanwhile, since returning from an injury, Russell is slowly regaining his All-Star form. To make himself fit alongside Towns and Edwards, he has displayed his ability to excel in an off-ball capacity.

Timberwolves Need To Make Major Upgrades On Their Roster

If they grow together and build chemistry, Towns, Russell, and Edwards would enable the Timberwolves to form their own "Big Three" in Minnesota. However, if they are serious about fully dominating the Western Conference and contending for the NBA championship title in the 2021-22 NBA season, the Timberwolves shouldn't just rely on the developments of their young trio. They should play their part and find a way to give them a better supporting cast this summer.

When the season is over, the Timberwolves should prioritize adding a quality three-and-D wingman and a big man who could complement Towns in their frontcourt.