Knicks Could Trade Kevin Knox To Cavaliers For Kevin Love & 2022 1st-Round Pick

Kevin Love lays up the ball
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Since the departure of LeBron James in the summer of 2018, rumors have constantly swirled around veteran power forward Kevin Love and his future with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavaliers gave Love a massive contract extension with the hope that he could lead them back to title contention. Unfortunately, in their first three years in the post-James era, Love was nothing but a huge disappointment.

With the team currently in the initial phase of a rebuild, keeping Love no longer makes sense for the Cavaliers. When the season is over, they are expected to find ways to get rid of him and his lucrative deal.

Knicks Could Trade For Kevin Love To Get 1st-Round Pick

Kevin Love taking a free throw
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One of the teams that may consider taking a chance on Love in the 2021 offseason is the New York Knicks. If the Knicks once again fail to acquire a superstar in free agency, Brad Dressler of Fansided's Daily Knicks thinks that they may consider using their salary cap space to absorb Love's contract and get a future first-round pick from the Cavaliers.

"The Knicks will have approximately $50 million in cap space to play around with, so if they don’t get any of the big name players they wanted, bringing in K-Love and getting a 1st would not be a bad consolation prize."

The Proposed Trade

Kevin Knox shows a three-point sign after shooting the ball
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With the Knicks' $50 million in salary cap space, they wouldn't need to give up players to match Love's contract. In Dressler's proposed trade deal, the Knicks would simply send Kevin Knox to the Cavaliers in exchange for a trade package that includes Love and a top-five protected first-round pick in 2022.

If the suggested trade goes through this summer, Dressler believes that it would help both the Cavaliers and the Knicks in addressing weaknesses on their respective rosters.

Trading For Kevin Love A Good Plan B For Knicks

If they are unable to sign a quality free agent this summer, the proposed trade scenario isn't a bad idea at all for the Knicks. Aside from adding another first-round pick to their collection, they would also receive a former All-Star in Love. Love may have failed to live up to expectations as the main guy for the Cavaliers, but he could still be useful to an aspiring contender like the Knicks.

When he's 100 percent healthy, Love could bring a significant improvement with the Knicks' offensive efficiency that currently ranks No. 22 in the league, scoring 108.2 points per 100 possessions, as reported by ESPN. He would provide a very reliable third scoring option behind Julius Randle and RJ Barrett and a big man who is capable of knocking down shots from beyond the arc.

Why The Trade Makes Sense For The Cavaliers

The proposed trade deal is undeniably worth exploring for the Cavaliers. Though it would cost them a future first-round pick, they would be able to finally dump Love's massive contract while acquiring another player that they could develop in Knox. Being traded to a rebuilding team like the Cavaliers would give Knox the opportunity to prove his worth as a former lottery pick.

Once they get rid of Love, it would also be easier for the Cavaliers to negotiate a contract extension with Jarrett Allen and Collin Sexton this summer. Both Allen and Sexton are expected to demand contracts worth $100 million in the 2021 offseason.