Miley Cyrus Claps Back At Hygiene Comments With Shower Selfie

Miley Cyrus close up

Miley Cyrus is seemingly clapping back at those claiming she needs a bath by posting from her shower. The 28-year-old singer first made headlines for hygiene-related comments with her 2020 "quarantini bikini" dance, once again doing so this year as fans mocked the "Prisoner" hit-maker for her scruffy appearance. The weekend brought some major self-care from the blonde, who posted to Instagram with a shower selfie and even threw in a joke about cleaning up her act. Check it out below. 

Haters Can Hate

Miley Cyrus at a laptop

Scroll for the photo. Miley, who admitted she only washed her hair twice in four months over COVID last year, was proving she absolutely does wash her hair and herself. The singer's photo came with a giant grin, one the star gains her name from, with Miley seen amid streaky and steamy shower panels as she rocked a caring white face mask - not the pandemic kind.

Throwing out the peace sign as she smiled, Cyrus showed off her weekend skincare and her sense of humor.

See The Photo Below!

With the camera also taking in a necklace as Miley shot herself close-up, the singer wrote: "Cleaning up my act," adding: "NOT!"

Remarks over the singer last year entered bullying territory. "I don't mean to be mean but since shes grown up no matter where she is or whats she's wearing, she looks like she needs a good wash," one had written. Others, meanwhile, said the star looked in need of a bath. Miley is now known for her grunge-like and rocker appearance. More photos below.

Speaks For Herself

Miley Cyrus shower selfie

In 2019, Miley was profiled by Byrdie, telling the media outlet she adores lip gloss and dishing on her skincare routine.

"I do my own makeup, because I’m so obsessed with being clean. My skin was always so bad that I felt like any time anyone else did my makeup it would just take me back. I think it’s important for girls to just try and really take care of skin and keep it clean," she revealed. "Your skin affects so much of how you feel, and your confidence." Scroll for more photos!

Shaving Tips

The interview, also seeing Cyrus say she'd pick lig products if she had to choose one, saw her add: 

"Don’t shave your face, ever. I walked out looking like my brother. I had on the little [bits of toilet paper to cover knicks]. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, I can’t even shave my legs without looking like I’ve just been skateboarding."

Miley continues to be in the news for her recent SNL performance with Elon Musk, plus 2020-released Plastic Hearts album.