Wednesday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Carly Meets Gladys And Cyrus Visits Laura

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General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday's episode tease that Sasha's baby news is going to be at the center of one or two juicy conversations. While Sasha wanted to keep this quiet, it looks like the power to do that is being snatched out of her hands. 

Carly learned of the baby news from Sasha, and she promised not to say anything. Carly also tried to convince Sasha to lie about it. By the looks of things, this is going to get pretty messy.

Carly Pressured Sasha

Carly tried to convince Sasha to lie about Brando being the baby's father. She claimed that being open about that would put Brando's life at risk. Sasha's clearly quite rattled over the situation, and she certainly doesn't want to put Brando at risk.

What Sasha doesn't realize, however, is that Carly will be quick to use this information herself. She met with Diane and talked about a way she thought they could force Gladys to ditch her deal with Cyrus regarding Jason.

Despite Skepticism, Carly Forges Forward

Diane didn't think Carly's plan was all that great. She didn't see why Gladys would be persuaded to change her tune on what she claimed she saw Jason do. Even by utilizing the news of Brando's baby on the way, Diane thought the plan was filled with holes.

Even though Diane tried to talk Carly out of it, General Hospital spoilers indicate Carly will move ahead with her plan anyway. SheKnows Soaps  reveals that Carly and Gladys will have a meeting, but they may not end up in agreement.

Laura Deals With A Visit From Cyrus

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While Carly's trying to manipulate Gladys over the Jason situation and Brando's baby, General Hospital spoilers detail that Cyrus will pay his half-sister Laura a visit. According to Soap Central, he'll do his best to get them both on the same page regarding their dynamic. 

The General Hospital sneak peek for Wednesday suggests that Laura will not be pleased to see Cyrus show up at her door. However, he'll insist that she'll be pleased to hear what he has to share with her. 

Cyrus' Games Continue

Does Cyrus' visit with Laura have anything to do with Sasha's pregnancy? The two things wouldn't appear to be connected. However, Cyrus was quite intrigued by the bombshell Gladys dropped about Sasha and he's quite anxious to know who the baby daddy is. The fact he quickly high-tailed it over to Laura's seems like it might be a hint there might be some tie there.

Will Brando really be in danger if Cyrus learns he slept with Sasha? General Hospital spoilers hint there could be some twists coming and fans can't wait.